We’re all chasing the warmth year round, and trying to decide what the best winter sun destination is can be very difficult. Don’t worry; of course, we’ve got some recommendations. We’ve chosen some beautiful cheap winter sun destinations that you won’t need to think twice about going. Beware: you’ll definitely want to book a holiday to one of these destinations after reading this post.


The second-largest canary island makes the perfect European winter holiday destination with beautiful weather all year round and the winter months are no exceptions. You can expect to see temperatures of around 20C which is still considerably warmer than the UK, and it is also a fantastic cheap winter destination. There are plenty of things to do and see, so whether you want an action-packed or relaxing holiday, both are possible in Fuerteventura.


Dubai is increasingly becoming one of the top winter sun destinations with the best weather in the UK’s winter months. In the summer months, Dubai can reach highs of 40C however, goes down to a lovely average of 23C during the winter making it a pleasant experience. Whether you want to laze around on a beach, experience the shopping malls or learn the culture down in Old Town Dubai it’s all possible! It is one of our best winter sun destinations and you definitely need to discover why. Get flights here.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is definitely a hidden treasure only being discovered by British tourists a few years ago, and since is becoming a popular winter holiday destination. Expect to see temperatures average around 24C with minimal rainfall giving you more opportunity to relax upon one of the many dreamy beaches and experience the scenery. You’ll definitely find reliable winter sun here for a fantastic price.


It’s no secret that Cancun is one of the top winter sun holiday destinations, and is definitely a brilliant all-year round destination. Cancun is a beautiful taste of the Caribbean islands but without the huge costs that may come with the Caribbean Islands. It’s a cheap alternative for winter sun and with plenty of luxurious 5* resorts, you’ll definitely enjoy winter sun and Cancun to the maximum.


Possibly one of the most overlooked winter holiday destinations is Singapore.  This modernised city has definitely developed a lot from being a small fishing village to a top holiday destination for Brits. The food, the shopping, the experiences, and the culture are just a few things that entice us to love Singapore even more. Thanks to Singapore not having clear seasons, you can expect to see temperatures between 20C to 35C which is certainly more pleasant than the chilly UK. Get your flights here.


Everyone knows that Orlando is a brilliant destination, but don’t just think it’s for the Easter and Summer holidays. It is certainly one of the best winter sun destinations where you can expect to see temperatures around 23C and with minimal rainfall. Depending on dates it can also be a considerably cheap winter sun destination, however with many of the theme parks holding Christmas events it can be slightly pricey – but definitely worth the money! Find flights to Orlando here.


Another hidden treasure that will definitely become increasingly popular for winter sun destinations is Oman in Muscat. You can expect to see weather very similar to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is definitely an arty city so you can visit one of the museums, the opera house or find some beautiful art yourself at one of the many dreamy beaches. You’ll definitely have an unforgettable winter holiday in Oman, get flights here.