Athens is a beautiful city in Greece with so much to do and see, however many people miss some of the most popular landmarks. The Capital of Greece often finds its way onto many people’s bucket-lists who dream of going there, and our cheap flights to Athens with Lufthansa will make sure your dream becomes a reality. Of course, you don’t want to miss anything in Athens – we’ve got some top things to do in Athens and what you absolutely do not want to miss.

Acropolis in Athens

If you visit Athens but don’t visit the Acropolis, have you really visited Athens? The Acropolis of Athens is one of the most popular sights to see so of course it’s on the top of our list. Above the city, you can find the remains of several ancient buildings with beautiful architecture and much historic significance that is valued by tourists and the locals. Click here for more information on the Acropolis in Athens.


Plaka is one of the oldest areas in Athens and is relatively close to the Acropolis, which is why this area got its name of “Neighbourhood of the Gods”. Just the name alone makes us want to explore the area. It is one of Athens main tourist areas however being one of the oldest areas; you can find some superb historic buildings and really discover the culture and traditions of the capital of Greece.

Mount Lycabettus

Head up Mount Lycabettus for a view of Athens from above, standing 745ft above the city! We recommend visiting at twilight as you can get a jaw-dropping view. You can either hike up Mount Lycabettus or there is an inclined railway for a price, so if you don’t fancy having aching legs, there’s always another option. With a cafe up top as well, it’s a great place to admire Athens and enjoy a bite to eat.

Monastiraki Flea Market

On a Sunday, the Monastiraki Flea Market comes alive with what seems like every Athenian selling and buying. It becomes one big car-boot sale, but without the cars! You can find everything from antiques to what you might consider junk, but it is worth taking a trip to really experience the city like a local.

Best places to eat

Now we know how difficult it can be choosing somewhere to eat, especially if you want to enjoy traditional Greek cuisine. I could easily tell you what my preferred restaurant is in Athens, however, why not ask the locals?  Ask around where they prefer to eat and you’ll most likely find some of the most traditional Greek cuisine that might even be a hidden secret within the city.


Every tourist who comes to London is fascinated by the guards who guard the Buckingham Palace, which is also similar with the Barracks in Athens. They wear the same uniform that they did back in ancient times and now they guard some of the most ancient places in Athens.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus

You can’t step back on that Lufthansa plane until you’ve seen the largest temple in Athens… it just wouldn’t be the same! It is found in the heart of the city and is a very impressive site.  You can even see the Acropolis from here, so be sure to bring your camera because I can guarantee you will want to cherish these memories.

We could list more and more things to see and do in Athens, there is simply just so much to discover and explore. Once you’ve booked your flights with us with Lufthansa, be sure to do your research on the history of Athens and you’ll be all ready for a real Greek adventure.