Looking for a cheap flight is normally quite easy when you know what destination you want to go to, but finding cheap flights to New York can be more difficult when there are 3 different excellent airports to choose from. While each one has its pros and cons, it can be difficult trying to decide where to fly into.

The major airports in New York are La Guardia Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport. To help you decide which airport would be best for you, we’ve got the pros and cons of all airports in New York.

La Guardia Airport (LGA)

La Guardia airport is just a stone throw away from Manhattan on the Upper East Side, resulting in this New York airport having a fantastic location nearby to where you may be staying. With it being so incredibly close to Manhattan, even in the busiest traffic, it may cost just $20-25 to get New York airport transportation using taxis. La Guardia is perfect for anyone who is staying on the Upper East Side of Manhattan as you won’t have to wait long at all to get to where you’ll be spending your holiday.

However, as this is the smallest airport out of the three, you can expect only short flights to this airport. Only flights shorter than 2400km are allowed to fly into this New York airport which is great if you are looking at purchasing a connecting flight (which is normally cheaper than a direct flight). If you’d prefer to get a direct flight and get exploring the city right away, LGA is not the airport for you.

Newark Airport (EWR)

If you already know what to visit in New York, and you’re aiming to spend most of your time in the busiest areas of the city, Newark is best airport for you fly into. They have quick and easy airport transportation including taxis, car hire, trains, buses etc. You can grab a bus which will take you straight into the city where you’ll be extremely close to Times Square, which is excellent if your hotel is nearby; despite this, EWR is most convenient for those heading into the financial district

Getting into the city takes about an hour as the traffic can get quite congested, however, is fairly cheap to do so and you can be taken right into the centre of the city. Newark is also the only airport in New York that has a train connection making transfers into the financial area very easy.

John F Kennedy Airport (JFK)

John F Kennedy Airport is one of the most popular and busiest airports in New York. It is the largest airport in the New York metro area and has nearly every airline flying in both indirect and direct flights. There is a $45 flat fare to get a yellow cab into Manhattan and takes about an hour, but can be considerably more as traffic can get congested during rush hour. The yellow taxis are your best bet here but there are also shared-ride shuttle services available which are cheaper, however, takes longer to get into the city.

If you’re flying out of JFK, it’s also important to get to the airport with plenty of time as traffic can get very bad and the airport is huge so finding your terminal may be of some difficulty. Despite the fact you’ll be losing holiday time, it is the main hub of flights into New York so you can get cheaper flights to this airport.

All airports in the Big Apple are fantastic; however which one is the best airport in New York for you, is completely down to your choice and preference. We recommend making your decision based on the price of flights, so just decide your departure date and get hunting for that bargain.