The world is a big place and there are so many countries in the world- but sometimes we forget about the small parts of the destinations we visit. So when travelling we visit the capital or the famous places around the country we are in but never tend to venture out of that radius; so we miss out on so many wonderful things. But we have the unusual holiday destinations that you have to visit!

Fly Geyser in NevadaFly Geyser – Nevada

This alien looking geyser on the edge of Black Rock Desert is actually man made… by accidental. Created during well drilling in 1964 while exploring for sources of geothermal energy but we are glad they did as it is a stunning attraction and a real asset to Nevada. With its rainbow colours and its eruption of water it makes for a magnificent and irreplaceable picture!

pamukkale in turkeyPamukkale – Turkey

These natural hot spring pools are like no other – located on the White Mountains, with a temperature of 36°C. You can swim while looking into the distance at the mountains the sunrise or sunset depending on what time you go of course. But in the morning you get to see the stunning sun rise, in the day time you can see all of the breathtaking city of Denizli. Finally in the evening you can watch the sunset over the mountain in the distance while relaxing in the warm pools of Pamukkale.

chocolate hills of bohol island in the philipinesChocolate Hills of Bohol Island – Philippines

Since 1988 the Chocolate Hills are Philippine’s third National Geological Monument, with as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50km². They are like no other! From being in the middle of them to being at the same height as them while standing on the viewing deck and being able to see how much land they cover you will never fail to get a good picture. With a breathtaking view no matter what you do. But if you are one for adrenaline rush holiday then how does riding around the mountains in a dune buggy sound? Suddenly this weird holiday destination doesn’t sound so bad!

lake hillier australiaLake Hillier– Western Australia

Have you ever seen a pink lake? Well in Australia they have one. Lake Hillier and it is astonishing with a length of 600 metres and surrounded by a rim of sand and then trees on one side and then the blue Southern Ocean on the other, separated by only a narrow strip of sand suns covered by vegetation. It really cannot be missed. It was discovered in 1802 and its colour is not yet fully understood by scientists but they do not fail to admire it as much as they want to know how it occurred.

I bet you didn’t think there would be this many weird places to travel to! But this is only a hand full with plenty more destinations on our twitter page you will never fall short of holiday ideas or things to do when your there!