Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to carry extra luggage than you need, or you’re trying to get your low cost flights as cheap as possible. Packing everything you need into carry-on luggage only IS possible, but it can be difficult especially with all the weight rules and you’re not allowed to bring certain things onboard. Let the myth of not being able to travel with just hand luggage be gone, because it is possible!

Get the right suitcase

All airlines have restrictions on their baggage allowance so it’s important to find the best carry on luggage that you know will be the correct size. If you’re trying to keep your flight low cost, it’s important to check the weight and size allowances otherwise you could overpack and end up paying more and it will make getting through the airport quickly a lot harder.

Make a list

How anyone can pack without making a list is beyond me, and hang luggage packing is a lot harder. Be sure to make a list of everything you want to take with you and leave the clothes out a few days before you fly. If you get bored of looking at it, chances are it’ll come back unworn so remove it. You have very limited space so you don’t want to pack anything you won’t use.

Essentials you must pack

In case you forget here are some absolute essentials that you must bring with you:

  • Passport – preferably keep this out as you will need it to check in
  • Drivers license
  • Health Insurance Information – highlight phone numbers to call so you easily know what to do if something does happen
  • Plane tickets/Boarding Cards
  • Bank cards and cash
  • Details of everything else after your flight e.g. hotel, car hire, transfers etc.


Packing light for travel is always difficult, so we recommend wearing some of your bulkiest items to the airport. Whether that be high heels or an extra jacket, if you’re wearing it they won’t charge you for it, but remember to keep it comfy because you don’t want to wear all 5 tops on a flight. Also try and pick clothes that mix and match, one skirt might match 3 tops – there you have 3 days clothing already without having to change the outfit completely!


Another travel packing tip is to not bring every pair of shoes you own. If you’re going on a beach holiday we recommend taking 3 pairs of shoes – flip-flops, trainers and some flats. Multi-purpose shoes that are easily matched with clothes means less space taken up by unnecessary shoes.

What you can take on a carry on bag

We all know that airports are extremely strict with liquids and what you can and can’t bring onboard. Click here for a list of all the things you can’t pack in a carry-on bag. If you need to bring makeup or deodorant, just buy the travel size versions before you fly and you’ll be all set.

Should I roll or fold?

There are so many online debates about how to pack, whether you should roll your clothes or fold them to make the most of the space. There’s a new technique and it’s called bundle wrapping.  It is said that bundle wrapping is better for packing as it takes up less space. Check out more information here.

These are just a few tips to help you pack light and make it easier for you travelling with just hand luggage. So take out those shoes you know you won’t wear but they are there as an option, because travelling on just hand luggage will make life 10x easier.