Can you travel light with kids? The most asked question by parents looking to go away for the weekend or even week but don’t want to go over the top and have to bring lots of unnecessary clothing. When you come to book your next flight, just tell yourself that you can travel light with kids, it is possible! You probably doubt us however we’ve got some packing tips so you can travel light and not over-pack for that weekend or week away with the little ones.


Of course, the amount you will bring with you depends on how old your child is. Babies will need more bulky items like strollers, travel cots and car seats (the same as toddlers) but once they reach about 4 or 5 you can start NOT packing the bulky items and let them take over packing.

One good rule is asking them to pack into a rucksack and make it clear from the start that if they take it, they have to carry it. It might work out well with no tantrums, but it might cause tantrums but you don’t need to bring a life-size model of Buzz Light Year to keep you company while in Bangkok… that’s not going to be the best way of packing light for a week.


Kids will definitely want something to do on the flight so one packing tip for flying is to only bring lightweight creative toys like a colouring book with pencils. That takes up a lot less room than 5 Barbie dolls and is a lot easier to carry when you’re travelling.

Swap the stroller

Don’t bring stroller/push-chair, you won’t be able to juggle that and your light packing so just substitute it for a baby carrier – it’s lightweight and a great way of being able to carry all your packing and the toddler so you don’t need to worry about pushing that around all day.


If you want to travel light, pick your outfits carefully. Bring 2-3 clean changes of clothes for a weekend break, there’s nothing wrong with wearing clothes that have already been worn if they aren’t dirty. Also, two pairs of shoes will be enough – a comfy pair and a nice pair… why do you need to bring your whole wardrobe with you when you’re meant to be light packing? If you’re asking the teenagers to pack lightly you might have a bit of a harder time trying to convince them that they don’t need 5 skirts, click here for travel light outfit ideas for teenagers.

Share toiletries

Remember those kids’ shampoos that always said “no tears” which meant your hair won’t tear rather than the child won’t cry? Yeah, those. Why not use them yourself? There’s nothing wrong with sharing toiletries with your toddler, teen or baby – if it takes up less packing space and means you can travel light then you should absolutely do so.

So there you have it, say goodbye to the rumours that you can’t pack light with kids because no matter how old they are, we’re sure that you CAN pack light. For even more tips, click here. So grab the suitcase get ready to start packing for your time away with the little one.