Looking at travelling long-haul with a toddler and/or a baby but worried about how to survive the long flight? Don’t worry, it’s not bad at all and we’ve got some tips to help make travelling long haul with a baby and a toddler a lot easier. After reading these tips you’ll definitely want to get your long haul flight today, so be ready to get the suitcases out because we’re about to make your life a lot easier.

Best time to fly

When travelling long haul with toddlers and babies you want to avoid tantrums and tears as much as possible, we have some recommended times to fly to avoid this. Don’t fly in the middle-of-the-night and assume the kids will sleep through. They most likely won’t and you’ll be arriving at your destination feeling exhausted so it’s probably best to take a day flight. Try and plan your flight in between meal times and naps to help the routine not be interrupted as much as possible even if this means feeding in the terminal.

What to book

Now you’ve got your best time to fly, if you’re travelling long haul with a baby remember to book a bassinette or also known as a “Skycot”. Instead of struggling to have your little one on your lap the whole long flight, they can rest in the bassinette. It’s best to be a hassle to the airline before you fly to ensure that it is a smooth flight for you and the kids.

Feeding in-flight

If you can’t get a flight that doesn’t interrupt feeding time, we have some tips for airplane travel with a baby to help make feeding them 10x easier. Prior to take-off, you can ask one of the crew members if you can bottle feed or breastfeed your little one during take-off. Sucking will calm them and also prevent their ears from being sore.

We understand there are limitations with liquids; if your airport has a Boots chemist you can pre-order formula milk and pick it up here or bring a sealed tin of powdered milk. A lot of airlines are happy to provide hot water which can warm up milk and foods just ask in advance as staff can be busy. No need to worry about their tummy’s getting hungry.


When travelling long-haul with a toddler, remember there could be accidents along the way so be sure to have a spare shirt for both you and your little one in case any accidents or hiccups happen which can leave you feeling fresh for when you land.


A top tip for airplane travel with toddler is bringing comforting things and a new toy. As a child, a new toy can be very exciting and keep them entertained for hours; saying this, we recommend not bringing a toy with dozens of tiny pieces as they will get lost. A teddy bear, blanket and a new toy for them to play with will be more than enough – although you might have to play eye spy a few times.

These are some of our top tips for travelling long-haul with babies and toddlers; they will definitely make your life easier and the long-flight seem a lot more bearable. For more tips, click here. No longer fear that family holiday with the little one, and start your family adventure today!