Cancun is a sunny city that you cannot miss. It is a very popular destination amongst young partygoers and travellers looking to explore this gorgeous area alike. Whatever your reasons for visiting, here are some Cancun holiday tips that will ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime!

Keep calm in customs

The process at the arrivals is a free-for-all and can be chaotic at times, but just keep your cool and you will be absolutely fine. Do not follow the crowdgo for the shortest line. The one thing to remember is you are already here; yes, you may have been getting impatient waiting in a queue but don’t make it a waste of time. Deep breaths, and think about how you are only minutes away from a cocktail on the beach!

mexican currencyCurrency – what cash do I need?

In Cancun it is best to pay in the local currency, which is the Mexican Peso. Some places accept US dollars, but the current exchange rate means it is not always worth all that you are paying. Some places also accept credit cards so if you do not have cash to hand, you can use that method instead.

Sun cream is a necessity

If you are one of those people that “doesn’t burn” then think again, because the heat in Cancun is on another level. Even when it is cloudy the sunrays will still get to you. Make sure you apply a thick layer of sun cream to avoid the painful burns. Enjoy your holiday in the sunshine, but be safe and remember that the clouds do not mean you can go out without protecting your skin!

mexican foodFood heaven

The food in Mexico is out of this world! You may think you have had genuine Mexican food back at home, but trust us when we say you have not. Forget about those Tex-Mex fajitas and guacamole, this is the real deal. The choice  may feel overwhelming at first but don’t be afraid. Dive in and try everything. Tacos, sopes, enchiladas and much more! Go to any restaurant of your choice and try a bit of everything – you won’t regret it.

Stay Hydrated

Lying on the beach all day always sounds like a good plan. However, lying in the sun all day with nothing to drink is not the best idea. So, if you are going to take any tip with you on your first time in Cancun then let it be this…drink as much as you can! Of course, you are going to have the odd cocktail on the beach but water is needed to be on top form to enjoy your holiday. No matter what type of holiday it is – partying, relaxing or exploring. You must stay hydrated during it all!


Your cheap holiday to Cancun is waiting, whether you go in winter, summer or anytime in between! Book your trip and use the tips for first timers in Cancun, and you’ll be sure to have  the holiday of a lifetime! Check out our Twitter page to look for more holiday destinations.