Magnets, Keyrings… have you ever received a souvenir from someone that you didn’t particularly like? Well consider yourself lucky as you could be receiving one of these weird souvenirs!

Stuffed Cane Toad as a souvenir

Stuffed Cane Toad

Sounds disgusting right?! Well in Australia, toads are their common pest animals and the locals’ favourite way to get rid of them is by selling them as stuffed souvenirs! They have a wide variety of different types of Cane Toad accessories such as a Cane Toad Leathered wallet, Cane Toad Cap or even weirder yet a Cane Toad Bow Tie. Or if this sounds like a great souvenir for a certain someone, book your flights to Australia today.

Scorpion Lollipops strange souvenir

Scorpion Lollipops

Finding an insect inside your sweets should be your worst nightmare, however, Arizona in the USA doesn’t seem to think that! If you have a sweet tooth, you will probably be put off of the Scorpion Lollipops. Once the sweet part of the lollipop is gone, you are then reminded of the disgusting creature in the middle; it’s just not the crunchy middle you would want to look forward to! These tasty treats can be bought for $5 and would sure be one of many weird gifts to receive…

Snake wine souvenir

Snake wine

Notice a theme going on here? This next strange souvenir comes from a Chinese/South Asia tradition; Snake Wine! Souvenir shopping in Hong Kong will be able to help you find this beauty of a gift… Snake wine is an alcoholic beverage that isn’t your usual wines but it is in fact infused with snakes, preferably venomous snake! But don’t worry; the venom will become inactive due to the ethanol so you won’t become poisoned if you were to drink one of these ‘fine’ beverages. I’m sure this wouldn’t be the best gifts, especially if you’re scared of snakes!

Canned Air from New York

Canned Air from New York

Sounds crazy right? Well it is in fact a real souvenir! This can be found in New York for a staggering $10 for a can of fresh air from parts of the Big Apple. This can is meant to cure homesickness if you’re from New York and also is meant to relieve stress but you’ll probably be feeling stressed once you open it just to realise that it’s like any other air…

Chocolate scorpion

Scorpion Chocolate

If Scorpion Lollipops didn’t take your fancy, then I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone to bring Scorpion Chocolate back as a souvenir either! These Scorpions are cooked until they are crisp and roasted and then covered in a thick coat of dark chocolate. These can be found in Thailand so if you know anyone travelling to Bangkok, make sure they don’t bring these chocolate delights back with them! Just the thought of putting one of these in your mouth will be enough for you to avoid these as much as possible.

Elephant Dung Beer weird souvenir

Elephant Dung Beer

Now this is the last thing you would want to be drinking for an alcoholic beverage! Elephant Dung beer is a strange souvenir from Japan and is surprisingly an expensive beer where they will feed elephant’s coffee beans and you know what happens from there… If your friend or family member brings back some beer, make sure it isn’t Kono Huro!