The world is your oyster; there are so many brilliant places to visit and explore while travelling but which countries are the cheapest to travel to? Shove a few things in your backpack and say goodbye to the luxury 5* hotels because we’ve got the top backpacking destinations for budget travellers so you can explore the world while enjoying cheap flights with Travel Up and not having to worry about money. So be sure to take notes because we’ve got some excellent places to back pack that we know you’ll love.

Sri Lanka

One of the top backpacking destinations is Sri Lanka, with the bustling capital being very popular with budget backpackers.  The whole country is very un-touristy and a great place to explore the unique culture that the country boasts. From jungles to beaches, wildlife to tea plantations, there are a variety of different things to see and do – we know you’ll realise how truly beautiful Sri Lanka is and with it being a cheap travel destination, you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Bali, Indonesia

A breathtaking cheap backpacking destination has to be Bali in Indonesia. As well as being cheap to stay and spend money over there, it is a truly beautiful place to go. The desirable beaches, surfing opportunities and monkeys that will keep you company are enough to make you want to go back. With some of the most jaw-dropping views around, we couldn’t leave Bali out of our list of best places to backpack.


Turkey has always been popular for being a cheap country to travel to, with the free landscapes and affordable food, flights and accommodation; it is the destination that has everything. Turkey is a great place to discover the culture as the country has a blend of Eastern and Western culture – the best of both sides of the worlds. With markets, museums, Istanbul and empires to discover, it’ll be a backpackers dream to visit Turkey.


Another budget travel destination is Peru. It is one of the cheapest places to travel to; it’s affordability and variety of things to see and do makes it one of the best backpacker’s destinations. The great thing about backpacking in Peru is that you don’t need a plan as there is always something amazing to see around every corner. As long as you have a map and some good hiking shoes, you’ll definitely have a wonderful adventure.

Costa Rica

One of the top backpacking destinations for being surrounded by nature and monkeys has to be Costa Rica. The friendly locals, delicious foods and even cheap comfortable accommodations are what make every traveller want to visit Costa Rica one day. Whether you’re looking to wonder through a forest, get up close to a volcano or soak up the sun on some golden beaches, you’ll be able to enjoy a taste of Caribbean culture but at an affordable cost. You’ll definitely want to pack your swimsuit and camera when travelling here!

With so many exciting, beautiful places to visit around the world, every traveller gets stuck on where to start first especially when on a budget. These are just a few of our favourite destinations to get you started; although you’ll be without the 5* luxury, we know you won’t miss it when you start discovering the world.