We know as much as you do that when you’re backpacking you have very limited space so what you bring with you has to be the absolute necessities. One thing we know you’ll definitely pack is your mobile phone, so why not make the most of that? There are so many brilliant travel apps for backpackers that could make your travelling life easier and a lot less stressful – you just have to book your flight after reading these recommendations.


Imagine you’re out backpacking across Sri Lanka, and suddenly your phone loses signal and you have no access to maps… absolute nightmare, right? This is why MAPS.ME is the best GPS app for backpacking. You don’t need to worry about using your data abroad with this app as you can download all of the maps directly to your phone and use them offline. It’s available both on iOS and Android and we are sure will be your best friend while backpacking, so check it out here.


Another great backpacker app is Foodspotting. When arriving into a city for a few days it can be tough trying to decide where to eat, especially if you’re only around for a few nights. Foodspotting uses your GPS and scans the area to show where to eat nearby. You can browse through photos and read reviews to make your decision. It’s especially handy if you suddenly become peckish but not aware of where you can eat nearby.

Currency Conversions

One of the best backpacking apps that every traveller should download is XE Currency Converter. Stop yourself from being over charged and spending too much on a product by guessing what the exchange rate. The rates change every day so it’s handy to have easy access to the rates. Find it on android here and iOS here.

Trail Wallet

Another money app for backpackers is Trail Wallet. If you have set a budget for each destination that you are travelling to, you can easily track it in Trail Wallet by entering how much you spend. This way you can avoid running out of money and keeping track of how much you have left.

Trip Journal

Another one of the best backpacking apps is Trip Journal. It allows you to easily document what you did, where you went and even lets you add photos. Each entry will come up on a map, where you can add specific location and other media. If you’re always on the go and don’t have time to document in detail, Trip Journal is a fantastic option. Check it out here.

Packing Pro

An essential backpacker app is packing pro. We struggle to back for a 2 week holiday let alone backpacking across countries, so packing pro lets you decide what you need to pack for your travels. The app gives you suggestions based on where you’re going, the temperature, food preparation and clothes washing. It’s like a portable parent that advises you on everything you need which always comes in handy.

Whether you’re looking for apps when travelling in Europe or apps to backpack the world, these are just a few of our recommendations. With a limited amount of packing space, you can easily organise yourself and make packing 10x easier with your mobile device! What’s your favourite backpacking travel app?