Brussels has been described as the “Capital of Europe” being a bold statement Brussels really does live up to that but not how you might think. You might be thinking that Brussels is modern and perhaps lacking soul but that is the complete opposite. The city has a brilliant personality, very much keeping in touch with its medieval history which has been tweaked very slightly to create a city full of wonderful character. There are so many reasons to visit Brussels with us and Brussels Airlines, and you’ll definitely be in for an adventure.

Explore Like a Local

When travelling many like to be a tourist or try to be a local by seeing all the traditions and culture surrounding them. Brussels is very popular for having a variety of lively and interesting markets – you’ll definitely meet a lot of keen bargain-hunting locals here. One of the most liveliest and popular Brussels markets is the Clemenceau Market, you’ll hear many of the vendors yelling that they have the tastiest foods but it’s a lovely way of seeing what the locals get up to.

Beautiful Parks

The city is full of parks, and there will be one for every person’s tastes. When the weather is nice it’s a great way of passing some time while exploring Brussels. There is an excellent private park where you will find many locals reading a book or enjoying the beautiful weather in the city called Jean-Felix Hap’s Garden. Fancy a spot of badminton? Visit Parc de Cinquantenaire which is much bigger and more popular than the private garden making it great for those looking to be surrounded by locals.

See Europe in One Place

A popular attraction in Brussels with families and tourists is Mini-Europe where you can take a trip through Europe in a much more manageable scale and see all the popular landmarks in one place. All the miniature models are fascinating and you’ll often ask yourself who had the steady-hand to create the mini-attractions.

Go for a slide

Another great attraction is Oceade which is an outdoor water park with Belgium’s biggest variety of slides; as well as 14 slides, you can find pools and Jacuzzi’s so you can definitely chill out if the weather is nice, if not there is also an indoor space, bar and restaurant so there’s no reason as to why you can’t enjoy Oceade in Brussels.

Explore the hub of Brussels

A TravelUp favourite and absolute must on your trip to Brussels is take a visit to Grand-Place. It is said to be considered one of the most beautiful medieval square in Europe and it really is. You can see colourful gardens and buildings dating as old as the 17th century meaning there is some brilliant architecture. It is a pleasant place to take a walk and explore some excellent stores, bars and restaurants that surround this area.

Flavourful Bites

The food alone in Brussels is so excellent that we could go on for hours about the delicious dishes that you can taste here. So much though goes into the flavour that with every bite you’ll be amazed and definitely want to bring the cuisine back home. One of the most famous foods to try here is mussels with Belgian fries – give it a go and you won’t be disappointed.

That’s not it, there’s still plenty more things to see and do in Brussels making it a truly fantastic place to visit. TravelUp can you get there for less with Brussels Airlines and ensure you can get your Brussels holiday booked without having to worry about the cost. Where to first?