The weekend’s coming and you’re probably feeling in need a quick weekend getaway… we know the feeling too! No need to travel far, there are many fantastic city breaks in Europe where you can enjoy a brilliant long weekend away with only a short flight to your destination. So grab the suitcases and the maps and get ready for a brilliant weekend away, but hold on, where to first? We’ve got our top 4 weekend destinations that are only a short flight away but are great for a mini break in Europe.


The beautiful city in Spain, Barcelona! If you’ve never been before, flights to Barcelona are only under 3 hours meaning it won’t take long for you to be in the beautiful quirky city. The city has fantastic weather nearly all year round making any adventure here a real delight. It is filled with colourful art and historic architecture giving the city a delightful culture alongside its vibrant street life. Your weekend could be filled with exploring some of the spectacular monuments and cathedrals that Barcelona is famous for.


Paris is the city of love, and is absolutely beautiful. From great food to live music filling the streets, it really is a delight to be in the city. Flying to Paris takes no time at all with flying time just over an hour long. It is the global hub for art and fashion which attracts thousands every year; as well as this, the city is also known for boasting a beautiful cafe culture which can make a long weekend getaway with your loved ones very romantic. Explore the culture, the monuments and maybe even Disneyland Paris; it’ll be an unforgettable weekend break.


A bargain flight to Amsterdam is something you definitely do not want to miss out on! The city is becoming increasingly popular for quick weekend getaways for many different reasons; its canal system, beautiful buildings and range of Museum District houses are just a few reasons as to why Amsterdam is becoming such a popular weekend getaway. Flights are only just over an hour making getting to Amsterdam very quick so you can start your adventure as soon as possible. We could spend hours listing why a long weekend away to Amsterdam is a fantastic idea, click here for 50 ideas.


Looking at images of the capital of Czech Republic, you can easily recognise it’s the famous city Prague because of its unique and spectacular architecture. It is full of diversity meaning there is something for everyone to enjoy which is why flights to Prague sell fast. Your flight will be over in just under 2 hours and then you can explore the many things Prague has to offer like the Vltava (a beautiful picturesque river), some of the best beer in the city and visit one of the historic gardens and parks. A mini break in Europe sounds like a great idea now, doesn’t it? Get your flight to Prague today and start the countdown till your quick weekend getaways.

There are so many fantastic destinations for a city break in Europe and these are only a few of our favourites, there’s a whole world out there to discover! All four of these cities have something to explore making your weekend getaway a real adventure, so where to first?