Being a business traveller can be hard sometimes as you are away from friends and family for a long period of time, in a country where you can’t speak the language; surrounded by people you don’t know. On top of moving from meeting to meeting, back to back – everyday. It can be lonely but we have the top business travel tips to avoid feeling lonely when travelling.

stay connected on a business tripStay Connected Back Home

There are hundreds of social channels out there so even when you are alone, you are not really alone. So after a meeting when you are back in your room and you start to miss home, talk to someone you love and see what is going on back home. So you feel as if you never left! However if you never get a quiet moment then a simple text message conversation will make you feel that little bit better. Fundamentally, whenever you feel alone just talk to someone from back home that you know you will cheer you up and make you forget about all that work stress.

On the other hand you can talk to the people around you, the colleges that are with you, the locals, even the hotel staff just be open with everyone and the trip will fly by.

schedule down timeSchedule in downtime

When you are away on business you think it is better to load yourself up with work; thinking that it will make the time go faster and keep your mind off of the fact that you are away from your loved ones… It does not work! The only thing that happens when you over work yourself on a business trip is you become tired and your body feels drained of energy. Therefore, you need to schedule in some “me time” whether that is going to the spa, getting lots of sleep, not doing work every night or even simply watching some good old Netflix when you are back in the room. You need to do something you want to do.

working on a flightUse your flight

Sometimes the flight can be the worst part, as you are stuck there for hours on end and you just want to get there, do your work and get home. The easiest way to make the flight feel short is keep busy! How do I do that you ask? Well there are a number of things, you can read a book, play some games, talk to fellow passengers, sleep! But the one thing we would suggest is doing some work on the plane, prepare yourself for the meeting, pitch or presentation that you have to do.

With no interruptions from your boss, or a dreaded email, you can get some things sorted before you land. But if you still want to do something to pass the time then how about making an itinerary for yourself if you don’t already have one, talk to the cabin crew and they can offer some recommendations. Then you are prepared for everything and you know exactly what you are doing and when.

You can also do this if the flight is delayed as there is no worse feeling of waiting for a flight – time feels like it is stood still… just like the plane!

Knowing all the tips to making your business trip easier can be hard for first time travellers so we hope these top 3 tips make a difference to your trip. So why not book your flights to that upcoming business voyage with these tips in mind!