You’ve just got through airport security check and you’re welcomed with the famous duty free shops. Where to go first? What should I buy? Hold on, we’ve got some advice to ensure you grab yourself a bargain, whether that’s shopping on the ground or doing a bit of inflight shopping. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of retail therapy before your cheap flight to your next destination.

You can pick up some bargains in the duty free shops; it’s just about spotting them. If you’re confused about how it all works, a duty free shop is a shop that sells goods that are exempt from the payment of specific local or national taxes and duties; this means you can find some products for a lower price in a duty free shop as it might not have all the tax slapped on top.

A few things you should know

These duty free shops can be found in many places but mainly international airports and on-board international flights. But before you go rushing in trying to find the best duty free deals there are a few things you should know. Firstly, there is a limit but it is based on the country, click here to find more information. Secondly, exchange rates influence the bargain so the best bargains can be found in places with weak local currency. Finally, you still need to declare them as it could be subject to duties in your home/destination country.

What to buy…

Now that’s all out the way, let’s get onto the top duty free shops and what to buy to get more for your money. A lot of makeup and skincare products are sold at duty free shops with up to 50% off so ladies make sure you get into that makeup station before it all sells out.  Other expensive items that you can find for significantly reduced prices are often luxury goods like perfumes, bags and sunglasses. So when doing your inflight duty free shopping or checking out the airport shops, be sure to have a look.

A good tip is to find a few products that are sold at a duty free shop (click here to find the products) and research the retail value before your flight. This is a good way of knowing whether your saving money and if the product is worth buying or not.

Cheapest Duty Free Airports?

You might be thinking so where are the cheapest duty free airports? Well, there are many fantastic airports all over the world that offer inflight shopping and duty free shops with some fantastic deals on certain products.

Hong Kong airport has fantastic pricing for alcohol and electronics but can be on the more pricey side for cosmetics, fragrances and fashion. Hong Kong also has no sales tax so the whole city is a huge duty-free zone which is great if you’re staying a few hours. There is a 40% import duty on spirits however; despite sounding great, it’s still important to do your research!

London Heathrow has some fantastic savings on designer handbags so on your next adventure; you should expect to fall in love with a new accessory with a fantastic price. It’s also great for you whisky lovers as it features whisky at all costs so you’ll definitely find something you love.

So duty free shopping isn’t half bad at all, as long as you do your research about the allowances, taxes and retail prices you will be sure to pick up a bargain. What’s on your shopping list?