Ever sit at work and find your brain drifting to the thought of relaxing on a beach far away, with the glaring down on you and a cocktail in hand? And back to reality. The words “I need a holiday” may come to mind; but if they don’t, here are some more signs that really do shout that a holiday is needed and you should be ready to book a flight ASAP. (Not scientifically proven.)

wake up tired

You wake up tired

How do the logistics of this even work? It happens and it’s time to book that time off ASAP.

i need a holiday

It’s the small things

When something minor goes wrong, you might lose the plot. Whether that be getting a clothes hanger caught in the wardrobe and violently shaking your arm to let it be free. Driving to work and the train barriers go down whilst you’re running 10 minutes late. It all happens and if it makes you list several swear words; you probably need to tell yourself it’s time for a holiday.

You plan arguments

Stand in the shower and start mouthing out what you’d say if your boss dumps URGENT work on your desk? You’ll realise 5 minutes later you were talking to no-one and that what you just planned will be the opposite of what you say, just hop on that plane and forget about the pretend arguments.

Your co-workers keep asking if you’re okay

Ever feel offended when your co-workers ask you “are you okay?” because you look tired or sick, when actual fact your fine? That’s stress, and it’s overflowing into your work life and people are worried. Best way to solve it is to go on holiday far away from your co-workers… we’re talking amazing value long haul destinations, that’ll do the trick.

You’re reading this blog post

If you’re sat there going “Yep that’s me”, we don’t think it could be a bigger sign to go on holiday.

wine nights

Friday nights are wine nights

If you wake up on a Friday excited to get home to drink that bottle of wine, you’re definitely in need of a holiday… especially before you start drinking in the work week. It escalates from there so just go on holiday and drink all the cocktails you wish!

How dare other people go on holiday

When someone starts rambling on about their next holiday, rolling your eyes and cursing them in your head probably seems a little too relatable. Or you check our Facebook Page and click hide posts because you’re fed up of seeing our amazing flight deals. We’re just offering another sign you need a holiday, so take it.

The thought of free time is a long lost dream

Are you constantly busy, even on the weekends and struggling to multi-task? You’re probably taking on too much so just chill out, go on holiday somewhere nice and warm and enjoy doing nothing. Worry about responsibilities when you come back.

One colleague gets on your nerves, every. Single. Day.

There’s always that one colleague that really knows how to get under your skin. It may be the constant tapping of their pen, the way they laugh at EVERYTHING and you question how can someone be so happy? Swap the cursing in your head to thinking about what cocktail to get when you walk past the beach bar in Barbados.

summer clothes

Your summer clothes are covered in dust

Or are non-existent. The UK only gets Summer for about 3 days and it’s always when you’re working, so if your summer clothes are longing to be worn, give yourself an excuse to whack on the bikini and lounge on the beach.

How many of these did you think “that’s so me”? If it’s more than 1, you’re definitely in need of some time off. Go on, you deserve it!