The Best Long Haul Destinations to Fly in July

Flying that little further always pays off. The flight may drag (especially in economy), but the destination will surprise you. If you’re looking to jet off long haul next month but struggling where to go, TravelUp have provided the best places to travel in July. Plus, it’s always a good idea to book a spontaneous […]

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Best places to shop in Tokyo for almost everything!

The quirky city of Tokyo is home to many different shopping districts and unique outlets for you to splash the cash in. Whether you want to pick up some fashionable treasures or bag yourself a souvenir, TravelUp have provided the best places to shop in Tokyo. Of course, the best way to start your shopping […]


Where are the best value long haul destinations? Right here!

The world is your oyster and with long haul destinations for 2017 becoming increasingly popular, travellers and holiday-makers are flying further to get their fix of a beautiful destination. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or to immerse yourself in a new culture – long-haul is always the answer. However, you might think that a […]


Do’s and don’ts when travelling to Tokyo

When visiting a new country with a different culture to what you might be used to, it’s always worrying knowing what the right thing is to do and what you absolutely must not do to not insult the locals. The Tokyo culture is very different and to help you out, we’ve got what not to […]