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8 Things You Need to Know When Visiting Thailand

When visiting another country with such a strong culture and religion, it’s important you research travel tips and things you should know. From eating etiquette tips to how you should act when in religious sites, TravelUp have got all the tips you need for visiting Thailand. These will help keep you out of trouble and […]

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Most Romantic Hotels in the World to Visit with Your Other Half

All over the globe you can find plenty of luxury and elegant hotels which many couples flock to, to enjoy some down-time. We’ve searched for the most romantic hotels in the world that is well worth a visit with your loved ones! So get ready for some well-earned time away with your partner, because these hotels […]

Phuket Thailand Island

6 Islands in Thailand Really Worth a Visit

We recently featured the beautiful Thailand on our top long haul destinations list for 2017, and we fully expect Thailand island hopping to become of the top things to do in the world! With budget flights to Bangkok being more desired and the hunt for the most tranquil and breathtaking island in Thailand, you’ll want […]


Top Long Haul Flight Destinations for 2017

Hop on a long distance flight, because there are so many long-haul family holiday destinations. If you’re planning your 2017 holiday, TravelUp have got some of the best long-haul destinations that you can’t miss. It’ll turn your regular holiday into an even more exciting one! Maldives The Maldives isn’t just for honeymooners because this tropical […]