Top 6 Busiest Airports in the World for International Traffic

Travelling for business or leisure, you are bound to run into an extremely busy airport at some point in your life and you can either hate it or love it – we’ll leave that up to you. TravelUp have provided the top busiest airports in the world for international traffic and answer why they are […]


Top 6 Destinations for Vegetarian or Vegan Travellers

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian you might often find that a lot of countries do not cater for your tastes and that you must go hungry or be stuck with a boring salad instead of something delicious! The world is your oyster and finding vegetarian or vegan holiday destinations can be easy, as long […]

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What to Do in Singapore on a Short Stopover

Located in South East Asia, Singapore is an exciting and vibrant destination, bursting with a mixture of historical buildings, modern skyscrapers and green space. Also, recognised as a global financial hub, the city-state of Singapore is densely populated and is known as one of the main stopover locations for long-haul flights. Travelling via Singapore and […]

Winter sun destinations that you won’t think twice of going

We’re all chasing the warmth year round, and trying to decide what the best winter sun destination is can be very difficult. Don’t worry; of course, we’ve got some recommendations. We’ve chosen some beautiful cheap winter sun destinations that you won’t need to think twice about going. Beware: you’ll definitely want to book a holiday […]

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The best airports in the world you won’t mind spending a little bit more time in

Some people absolutely dread stopover flights or a delayed flight because there is nothing worse than sitting in an airport just waiting. Wait until you hear about the best international airports! There are airports worldwide that have so much more than what you would expect including artwork, yoga classes and grab a beer from a […]