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Hand Luggage only with kids. What you really need!

It might seem like travelling light with children is a myth, but believe it or not, it is absolutely possible. As long as you know what you really need, other than packing everything including the kitchen sink, you will absolutely be able to travel light with your children. Just pick your family flights, carry on […]

prepared for a long haul flight

Top Tips to Prepare for a Long Haul Flight

Long-haul flights can be seen as a drag, especially when you’re sat in economy with minimal leg-room. You might think you’re going to enjoy the flight entertainment system for as long as possible, nap, and then feel bright and breezy… only to realise that the long haul flights deal you’ve had your eye on probably […]


8 Essential Things Every Woman Should Pack When Travelling

Ladies, knowing what to pack and what essentials you’ll need to pack for your next trip can be incredibly difficult. Whether you’re indulging in a girl’s weekend away, taking a romantic retreat with the other half or travelling for business, holiday packing is a pain. Not only can you get the flights with TravelUp, but […]

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Economy vs Premium Economy. What are the differences?

When booking a flight (especially long-haul) you might consider upgrading your seat to something a little comfier. Some airlines offer premium economy, but what is the difference between economy and premium economy? Price point is always one, check out our flight deals and you might be able to bag yourself a premium economy seat for […]

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What to pack for a girly weekend away. Hand luggage only!

Packing for a girly weekend away can be difficult, and trying to maximize your luggage space is extremely important when you’re travelling with hand luggage only. Of course, you want to look your best and pack something for every possible situation. Considering location, climate and the occasion can often leave you wondering what on earth […]


Top 6 Travel Apps every backpacker should have on their phones

We know as much as you do that when you’re backpacking you have very limited space so what you bring with you has to be the absolute necessities. One thing we know you’ll definitely pack is your mobile phone, so why not make the most of that? There are so many brilliant travel apps for […]

Hand Luggage

Travelling with hand luggage only. How to pack to maximise space!

Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to carry extra luggage than you need, or you’re trying to get your low cost flights as cheap as possible. Packing everything you need into carry-on luggage only IS possible, but it can be difficult especially with all the weight rules and you’re not allowed to bring certain things […]

Business Traveller in Airport

The Ultimate Top Tips for Business Travellers

Spending your business life on the road can be difficult and stressful sometimes, but with a few handy tips for business travel, you’ll be able to book your next business flight and not dread the day your flight day. Sometimes getting on a plane for business is not easy as it seems, as nice as […]

Travelling with Kids

Top tips for travelling long-haul with babies or toddlers

Looking at travelling long-haul with a toddler and/or a baby but worried about how to survive the long flight? Don’t worry, it’s not bad at all and we’ve got some tips to help make travelling long haul with a baby and a toddler a lot easier. After reading these tips you’ll definitely want to get […]