Top 6 Busiest Airports in the World for International Traffic

Travelling for business or leisure, you are bound to run into an extremely busy airport at some point in your life and you can either hate it or love it – we’ll leave that up to you. TravelUp have provided the top busiest airports in the world for international traffic and answer why they are […]


5 Long Haul Destinations for a Long Weekend Away!

A long weekend away abroad doesn’t have to be just short-haul when there are so many long haul city breaks. Don’t limit yourself to short-haul when there are so many incredible destinations long-haul that you could explore for a long weekend. We’ve got the top long-haul destinations that you should definitely visit for your next […]


What to Do On a 24 Hour Hong Kong Stopover

We’ve already offered some recommendations for things to do on a stopover in Singapore, and Hong Kong is an extremely popular option for travellers. Travelling via Hong Kong International Airport and seeking exciting things to do whilst you wait? No problem! We’ve provided our recommendations of things to do and places to see, whether your […]

Sunset over Victoria Harbour as viewed atop Victoria Peak

3 Days in Hong Kong – the essential itinerary

Hong Kong is the perfect place to visit for a few days, so if you have a stopover in the city or just fancy a few nights away, you could definitely plan a 3-day itinerary in Hong Kong. There is so much to do that it’s easily thought that it is impossible. It’s not. We’ve […]

Singapore Airport

The best airports in the world you won’t mind spending a little bit more time in

Some people absolutely dread stopover flights or a delayed flight because there is nothing worse than sitting in an airport just waiting. Wait until you hear about the best international airports! There are airports worldwide that have so much more than what you would expect including artwork, yoga classes and grab a beer from a […]

Shopping in Hong Kong, this is all you need to know!

No matter what destination you go to, shopping will (almost) always be on the agenda. Hong Kong shouldn’t be any different, and for those of you who don’t enjoy shopping just give it a go – Hong Kong might convert you into a shopaholic! It might be rare for you to book a flight to […]