elephant at safari park

Safari Parks near Cape Town that are worth visiting

One of the top things to visit in Cape Town is the wildlife, and there is plenty of different species living both in captivity and in the wild in South Africa. Planning flights to Cape Town is the easy part, and then deciding which safari park to visit to see the wild animals is the […]


Top 5 Things To Visit In Cape Town!

Cape Town is a city with a lot going on, whether it’s exploring the national parks surrounding the city and going on a wildlife adventure in Cape Town, or just walking the streets and enjoying free things to do in Cape Town, there’s something for everyone in this gorgeous South African city! Why delay? Book […]


Where are the best value long haul destinations? Right here!

The world is your oyster and with long haul destinations for 2017 becoming increasingly popular, travellers and holiday-makers are flying further to get their fix of a beautiful destination. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or to immerse yourself in a new culture – long-haul is always the answer. However, you might think that a […]


Top Long Haul Flight Destinations for 2017

Hop on a long distance flight, because there are so many long-haul family holiday destinations. If you’re planning your 2017 holiday, TravelUp have got some of the best long-haul destinations that you can’t miss. It’ll turn your regular holiday into an even more exciting one! Maldives The Maldives isn’t just for honeymooners because this tropical […]