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What to do if you need special assistance at the airport

If you’re in need of special assistance when travelling, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring somewhere new. TravelUp have come up with everything you need to know about if you require special assistance at the airport to help make your experience less stressful. Because you require special assistance, it might be a silly question to […]


Delayed flight? What to do at the airport to pass the time!

“We’re really sorry but your flight has been delayed.” That one sentence is one of the last things you want to hear at an airport, and whilst there are some of the best airports in the world that you’ll want to spend time in there are other where you don’t want to. Whether your flight […]

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What type of foods you can bring through airport security?

Everyone knows that airport security can be very strict, and the rules regarding what food you can take through airport security can be confusing to some. Once you’ve booked your flights with TravelUp, we know that the first thing on your mind is what to pack first and if you’re looking at taking food abroad […]

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6 of the Best Airport Lounges in the World

Whether you’re a business-traveller looking to do some work before your flight, or a traveller or love to indulge themselves before gruelling 7-hours of sitting down, airport lounges are in nearly every major airport. With airlines hosting some of the best around the world, we’ve found what to expect from airlines lounges and where the […]

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Economy vs Premium Economy. What are the differences?

When booking a flight (especially long-haul) you might consider upgrading your seat to something a little comfier. Some airlines offer premium economy, but what is the difference between economy and premium economy? Price point is always one, check out our flight deals and you might be able to bag yourself a premium economy seat for […]

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What to pack for a girly weekend away. Hand luggage only!

Packing for a girly weekend away can be difficult, and trying to maximize your luggage space is extremely important when you’re travelling with hand luggage only. Of course, you want to look your best and pack something for every possible situation. Considering location, climate and the occasion can often leave you wondering what on earth […]

Travel Up Round The World

Round The World Tickets Explained: What, How, When, Where

Ever felt like quitting your job, jumping on a plane going on a crazy adventure around the world? Chances are, you probably have and when those times come what you need is a round the world flight. For those of you who are ready to go off on an adventure, here’s everything you need to […]


Ways of collecting air miles and travel for free!

For frequent flyers, air miles and airline loyalty schemes are the perfect way of saving money, getting that upgrade you dreamed of or getting access to the airline lobby. When you redeem air miles smartly, you can save yourself bucket loads of money which are great when it is time to book your next flight. […]


Tried and tested tips for flying alone with young kids!

When thinking of flying with kids solo, you’ll either hate it or love it and sometimes it can be dreaded for a long time. Book your flight in advance and get ready to prepare, because we’ve got some tried and tested tips to help make flying with kids 10x easier. From preparation to travelling light […]

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Best Restaurants at Heathrow Terminal 5 for every budget!

There are so many flights from Heathrow to all over the world, and before any flight, it is always a great idea to indulge in a delicious meal. Plane food is always complained about, and with so many restaurants at Heathrow Terminal 5, you’re at the perfect terminal to eat whatever you fancy no matter […]