No matter what destination you go to, shopping will (almost) always be on the agenda. Hong Kong shouldn’t be any different, and for those of you who don’t enjoy shopping just give it a go – Hong Kong might convert you into a shopaholic! It might be rare for you to book a flight to Hong Kong so making the most of being in the city is a must; with so many great places to shop and bring back a few souvenirs and bargains, you really don’t want to miss out. We’ve got the ultimate guide to shopping in Hong Kong; just remember to not over-pack your suitcase… the pesky airport fees will cost you even more.

Places to shop in Hong Kog

When looking at where to splash your cash you really will be spoilt for choice, from shopping areas to street markets and even department stores – Hong Kong has it all. If you’re looking at buying all sorts of different antiques and taking up on some bargains, why not visit two or three different shopping areas? The colourful streets will draw you in if you’re not tempted enough.

Cat Street

One of our favourite places to go to pick up some exciting Antiques is Cat which is a street market Street (unfortunately there are no cats here) – you’ll be able to spot it as it’s one of the most colourful street in the area!  You can pick up some treasures, antiques and all-sorts of different items that can be used as gifts and souvenirs. You won’t regret your choice. You’ll be stuck on what to buy in Hong Kong with so much choice just in one street!

Causeway Bay

One of the best and most-famous places to shop in Hong Kong is Causeway Bay; it is mad and chaotic, but so exciting to be a part of. The locals see it as a tourist trap, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad place to go. If you’re looking at going to one key Hong Kong Shopping Area, you definitely need to go to Causeway Bay, find more information here.

SOGO Causeway Bay

SOGO Causeway Bay can be found here and it is massive… get your walking shoes on to tackle this department store. It is a 12-storey popular Japanese department store where you can find everything from high fashion to electronics and toys for kids. If you can think of it they’ll probably sell it here.

Cheap Shopping Places?

Of course whenever we are on holiday we don’t like to part with our money, so looking for a cheap shopping place in Hong Kong is vital, but what if we told you that you can choose where are cheap? It is often found that at places like street markets and privately owned shops, you can haggle the price and negotiate a lower price meaning you can pick up an absolute bargain! Just be careful and check there is warrantee on your item, there’s nothing worse than getting home and realising a part is missing or it doesn’t work how it is supposed to.

If you’re looking more information on Hong Kong and why it is considered a shopaholics heaven, click here. I don’t know about you, but a trip to Hong Kong just for shopping sounds like a really good idea now and with so much more to discover, it really is an underrated city. What will you buy?