Ever felt like quitting your job, jumping on a plane going on a crazy adventure around the world? Chances are, you probably have and when those times come what you need is a round the world flight. For those of you who are ready to go off on an adventure, here’s everything you need to know for your trip around the world so you can book your flights ASAP.

What are round the world tickets?

Essentially a round the world plane ticket is a ticket that allows you stop off at multiple destinations around the world. Usually, these flights are with booked with different airlines under the same alliance for example OneWorld. Each alliance has their own rules, for examples Star Alliance is based on how many miles you may travel in one year and you can buy a ticket which lets you travel 29,000 miles. The more miles you purchase on your one ticket, the more destinations you will get to see on your trip around the world.

How can I purchase multi-stop round the world flights?

You can either book through the alliances or give us a call on Travel Up for your trip around the world and we can offer as much help on destinations and the best tickets for your planned adventure.

When can I book tickets for?

Whenever you wish! Round the world flight tickets are very flexible too, so you can change the date and time of when you leave one destination for another with no extra cost. It’s also worth noting that there are minimal stays for specific destinations.

Where can I travel with round the world plane tickets?

Wherever you wish within your amount of miles paid for. You can go back on yourself and anywhere in the world; however, we recommend working out the best way to fly to avoid wasting your precious miles.

How much does a round the world ticket cost?

Round the world ticket costs are not cheap and can range from £2000 – £7,500 or more! It’s all dependent on how many stops you wish to have and how many miles you wish to travel around the world. It has been said that round the world ticket costs go down between April and mid-June.

Is it worth buying round the world tickets?

If you know exactly where you wish to go and when and don’t plan on changing destinations, then the round the world tickets are great. They cost a lot so you have to be sure you know your itinerary before going ahead and purchasing one. It all depends on your circumstances.

Round the world flight tickets are excellent, especially for the travellers who know exactly where they wish to go when discovering the big wide world! Don’t rule them out because they are perfect for the right trip, you just need to work out if your planned trip is the right one.