Air sickness and motion sickness are more common that you might think, and many people will suffer from it when flying. As expected, this can be the last thing you want whilst stuck in a confined space and preventing air sickness is crucial. TravelUp have provided their tips on treating motion sickness and how to prevent air sickness on a plane. If you’re hungover it’s not quite the same – check out our tips to follow when flying with a hangover.

How to prevent air sickness on a plane

Eat well for 24 hours before your flight

If you know you suffer from air sickness, or motion sickness, be really careful with what you eat 24 hours before you fly. Avoid fatty, greasy or heavily spiced and salty meals. These are all things that will increase your chances of suffering from motion sickness, so remember to eat well and avoid a heavy meal before your travels.

Choose your seat carefully

When booking your flight seats you will often have the choice to choose your seat, and you should choose carefully as certain parts of the aircraft are better for motion sickness. Seats over the wings and by the window have the least amount of motion during the flight.

We recommend trying to get a window seat as you can focus on the horizon when suffering from motion sickness which helps you feel like you’re not moving as much.

Limit alcohol consumption

As with any flight, we recommend limiting your alcohol consumption before the flight as this can help cause airsickness. Instead drink plenty of water and ensure you stay hydrated throughout your flight to prevent air sickness.

Try to alleviate anxieties

If you’re afraid of flying, this can also cause travel sickness. We recommend reading about ways to help your fear of flying and this should help whilst in-flight.

See your GP

If you are looking for information on what to take for motion sickness, we recommend visiting your GP. This will then ensure you have the best recommended medication for you – do not take recommendations from the internet.

Treating Motion Sickness

Adjust the air vent

If you do begin to feel motion sick, try and adjust the air vents so you can fresh air blowing to your face so you will be breathing fresh and cold air to help stay relaxed.

Focus on your breathing

If you start to breathe quickly, you most likely will be sick so try and stay calm. Take slow and deep breaths to help you cope with your motion sickness. You’ll then begin to calm down and put your body into a state of relaxation.

Listen to Music

Before you leave for your flight, download soothing and calm music. When you’re beginning to feel motion sick, you can listen to this music and focus on your breathing – this will help calm your brain and settle your motion sickness.

Stand Up

If the motion sickness is getting too much, standing up will be your best bet especially if you are beginning to feel queasy. Lying down will only make you feel worse and if you feel like you may be ill, talk to the airline staff and see if you can have a sick bag or visit the toilet if it is available.

Don’t focus on being ill

If you feel like you’re going to be sick, do not focus on that. The more you think about sick, you probably will vomit. The best way to prevent being ill is to distract your mind – if you’re going on a business trip, think about the presentation you will be giving; if you’re travelling for leisure – think about what you’re going to do in the final destination.

If you follow these tips to help prevent motion sickness and treat it, you should have a stress-free flight without worrying if you’re going to be ill. As long as you stay calm and distract your mind, you should be absolutely fine.