Long-haul flights can be seen as a drag, especially when you’re sat in economy with minimal leg-room. You might think you’re going to enjoy the flight entertainment system for as long as possible, nap, and then feel bright and breezy… only to realise that the long haul flights deal you’ve had your eye on probably won’t look as easy as that.  We’ve got the ultimate guide on how to prepare for a flight… long-haul style. From food, drinks to keeping your skin refreshed, here are a few things you should do for your next trip.

airline meal

Food & Drink For Your Flight

There are some in cabin essentials for a long haul flight, and one of them to consider is food and drink for your flight. If you’re a fussy eater or have dietary requirements, or simply eat when you’re bored, this is something you need to remember to prepare for. Be sure to look up what foods you can bring through airport security and when you get through the other side, have some spare cash to buy snack foods for your flight.

Skin-Care During Flight

It’s no secret that the best place to catch a cold is during a flight, and your skin can suffer from the conditions in the aircraft. You can get face wipes and moisturiser in travel sizes, which should definitely be in your essentials. One of our long haul flight tips that also help you get to sleep is Lavender Oil, if you apply it to your temples it will help relax you. This could also work for nervous flyers!


Get ready for the ultimate and obvious travel tip for long haul flights: brush up on your knowledge of time zones. As soon as you get on that aircraft, set the time to what it is at your destination and base eating and sleeping on this. This will help get your normal schedule to match the destination and help stop jet lag.

In-Flight Exercise

As we all know, our muscles can get VERY sore after sitting down for long periods of time so don’t do it on a flight. One of the tips for long flights you have to remember is to keep the blood flowing by getting up every 2-3 hours, even if it’s just to the bathroom to do some stretches. Before your flight, try and do some intense exercise which will then tire you out for the flight and give your body time to simply relax!

Warm Socks

Once you do this, this will forever be your best tip for long haul flight. No matter where you’re flying to, bring fluffy socks. As soon as you get on the aircraft, take your shoes off and swap for the fluffy warm socks. This will help keep you warm and the circulation going which also prevents the chances of you developing DVT which happens more often than you think.


This is possibly the most obvious tip for long haul flights, but do not get caught up in packing for the destination to forget about entertainment. Chances are, you will get bored and your mind will wander. Whether you bring a notepad or pen, or an iPad with your favourite programme on, just remember to bring some kind of entertainment that will keep you occupied.

Once you remember these tips, you’ll never question how to prepare for a long haul flight. It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of packing your usual suitcase, so take some time aside to think about the journey and how to stay refreshed. You can thank us later!