What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Dubai? Luxury? Skyscrapers? Pampering is certainly another word to be associated with Dubai. The city has some of the best spas and wellness centres around. Have you ever thought about just booking a cheap flight to Dubai and heading over there to get pampered?  Within only a few hours on the plane you’ll be in the land of luxury without breaking your bank. Here’s our pick of some of the best spas in Dubai.

Softouch Spa

You’re in Dubai, get fancy and relax. Find your way to the Mall of the Emirates and treat your skin at Softouch Spa at the Kempinski.  The spa focuses on creating peacefulness and tranquillity; they specialize in face and body spa treatments and are tailored to any skin types making it a great option for everyone. This luxury spa provides over 60 treatments including massage therapy, body scrubs and facials that will offer the ultimate relaxing ritual for your body and face. There’s no better way to relax after working hard.

One & Only Royal Mirage

Imagine yourself walking into a traditional Oriental Hammam, heated marble massage table, with two Jacuzzis, two private massage rooms and a relaxing atmosphere. If you like that idea, you should check out One & Only Royal Mirage. They have 12 individual therapy rooms which offer a fantastic range of care and treatments to ensure your body and mind feels vitalized and relaxed. You will leave the spa and immediately want to be back in the beautiful heaven.

Assawan Spa and Health Club

If you want to relax in luxury, head to the 18th floor of the Burj al Arab to visit the luxurious Assawan Spa and Health Club. This beautiful spa is a great mix of old and new – it has an ancient Middle Eastern vibe but it is equipped with the most modern amenities including infinity pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and a steam room. Alongside this, the spa in Dubai offers a breath-taking view while enjoying complimentary use of the Assawan Amphitheatre which is great for relaxing after a massage. Their signature treatments often involve Caviar – if that doesn’t scream luxury, we’re not sure what will. You will leave the spa feeling rejuvenated and ready for your next travels.

Banyan Tree Spa

One of the best spas in Dubai is the Banyan Tree Spa where they offer treatments and facilities that are not only unique to the region, but also to the world of spas. You can find the Rainforest Rainroom, Rainforest Foot and an Ice Igloo – sounds cold but it a relaxing experience. They use a combination of local ingredients that ensure you enter this spa and leave feeling extremely relaxed.

With some of the best spas and wellness centres in Dubai, you can be sure to relax in luxury and treat your mind and body to some of the most unique treatments worldwide. Taking a flight to Dubai to enjoy the spas has never seemed like such a great idea, right?