You really don’t need a big expensive camera that does everything to take good photos of the best sunsets in the world, or whatever you want to capture. There are plenty of phones that take good pictures and we’ve got some smartphone photography tips to help you capture the beauty of your travels.

Learn the Rule of Thirds

Let’s start with the tricky stuff first. When looking at phone photography, on Samsung and Apple phones you should go into settings and show the Grid which splits up your screen into nine rectangular segments. When positioning your camera, keep the important objects and elements running along these lines or where the intersections meet! You’ll be impressed how lining up the elements can transform your phone photography whilst on holiday.

Steady Support

One top tip for taking good photos whilst on holiday is to find a steady support. Particularly in low lighting, a steady support can make the world of difference and help get the best results. You can purchase a small mobile tripod which you can pack in your hand luggage wherever you go.

Clean the lens

Perhaps one of the most obvious mobile phone photography tips is to clean the lens. Many people forget to do this and your holiday photo might come out blurry or with a smudge, which means your hard work has gone to waste. A clean lint-free cloth will do just the trick and help clean even the smallest specs of dirt.

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Change the Focus

On both iPhone and Android devices, by tapping on the screen you can change the focus which makes the world of difference for phone photography whilst on holiday. If an area is too light or too dark, it’s a great way of dimming or brightening up this area.

Take photos in burst

If you don’t think you can get the perfect photo in one shot, you can select burst mode on both iPhone and Android devices which will take multiple photos on one click. You can then choose the winning photo later and delete the rest, just make sure you have enough memory on your phone before your holiday otherwise this might not work.

Consider lighting

A good holiday photo avoids strong lighting behind the main subject in the picture (unless you want a silhouette effect) so consider the natural lighting. Ensure it is clearly visible what you are trying to capture which might mean repositioning friend or changing the angle of your shot.

Apply HDR mode

One of the essential tips for good phone photography is to ensure HDR mode is automatically applied. This helps keep the brightest and darkest parts of an image are kept balanced, but also requires longer exposure so be sure to keep your phone as steady as possible.

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