Travelling for business is both good and bad. You get an all expenses trip away to a new place, however you will most likely be dreading the jet lag and  trying to find ways of getting over it quickly so you can get down to business. There’s nothing more annoying than feeling jetlagged after a business flight, so we’ve got some tried and tested jet lag remedies.

Plan ahead

With any trip you should plan ahead, but if you plan in advance you won’t have to worry about it last minute so you can decrease stress levels and tiredness before your business trip. It’s a great jet lag prevention tip because if you plan ahead, the more sleep you can have before you have to get up to catch that important flight rather than staying up late to pack and finish presentations the better.

Change your sleep pattern

A few days before you are due to fly, another tip to avoid jet lag is to adjust your sleeping pattern to reflect the time zone to your destination. Ways of doing this could include changing the time to the destination time and eating, drinking and napping at appropriate times that will reflect your business trip. Your body will be used to time zone before you even leave your house; it’s a great way of avoiding jet lag in the first place.

Sleep on the flight

It’s also worth packing ear plugs, eye-masks and some music into your carry-on so you can easily fall asleep on the plane if you need those extra few hours of interruption. Check these tips on  how to fall asleep on a plane.

Eating on plane

Meals on a plane are usually served at the right time back at home and not your destination time-zone. Try to stick to the timings at your destination while inflight so you can ease yourself into the time difference. We recommend avoiding heavy meals in-flight, and when you arrive at your destination you should indulge in a protein-rich meal which encourages your body to get back to how it was.


Not alcohol, turn in the opposite direction if you’re offered. Hydration is a key way of getting over jet lag and it’s important to stay hydrated as it will keep your body feeling refreshed and will battle against the jet lag helping you get over it quicker. Anything alcoholic or containing caffeine should be avoided.


It is important to remember that if you are stressed, you will feel more drained and likely to suffer jet lag. Expect travel delays and as soon as you touch down you should find a way of relaxing as this will calm your body down so you can carry on the rest of your day without building up your stress-levels; you’ll only feel 10x worse.

Sleep is crucial

After your flight, sleeping is absolutely crucial for getting over jet lag and lowering your stress levels. Remember to sleep at the right times, however if you’re feeling too drained a 10-20 minute nap won’t harm anyone. There’s a balance between too much sleep and too little, the quicker you find this balance the quicker you will overcome your jet lag.

Overall, mastering your sleeping pattern is the most important way of getting over jet lag quickly. We are sure your boss wouldn’t be too happy if you turned up to an important feeling miserable, stressed and tired… so try and combat that jet lag so you can enjoy the trip and the destination!