Going on a holiday is amazing but it is something that you want to remember forever, and capturing it on video is the best way to do that! So book that holiday and pack the camera as here are some tips to make a good holiday video:

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!

Most people think that filming when you arrive is best; however the journey is the interesting part. So leave that camera in the hand luggage and start the filming as soon as you walk out the door… film the car journey to the airport, the journey through the airports, boarding the plane, being on the plane and of course the landing! Then when you arrive the real fun begins with a shot as you step off the plan and out of the airport into your chosen sunny destination.

destination shots

Get shots of yourself in there

When looking back on this you don’t want to just remember the destination, but how much fun you had. So make sure to get shots of yourself enjoying the activities you do, the food you eat and the pools you lay by. As well as shooting how much fun your friends and family get up to when you are the other side of the lens. You want to remember what you did, not just what the country looks like!

Get a shot of the scenery

Make sure to film beautiful sights you see and the locals you meet in your travels. Get some shots of where you are staying, what you visit, what you pass along the way. But one thing that makes a huge difference when looking back is the people you have in it. So having that one shot of the lovely florist you met in the market will make all the difference. But just make sure to get their permission, since you can never be too sure about what is and isn’t acceptable in a different culture. Taking pictures on your phone can be hard but we have some tips to help that too.

filming whilst on holiday

Film every shot for at least 5 seconds

When filming 5 seconds feels like a long time but when you get back home and try to watch this video. If it is any shorted than that, you will struggle to see what you have filmed. Of course you can keep rolling longer than that but you must make sure that it is at least 5 seconds! It’s better to cut things out rather than have too little footage.

Get interesting angles

From selfies, to low angle shots of the architecture you see, it will all seem more impressive when you watch it back. It’s always the shots you think are going to be useless that end up being the ones you are glad you took, so be creative and funny. Film everything and make the most of your holiday.

So pick your destination (if you need help then our Facebook page has many destinations to choose from) pack the camera and head for the airport as your holiday filming as already begun!