So you’ve never been to New York? You’re certainly in for a treat! With so much to do and see in the Big Apple, it can be difficult wondering where to start first. We’ve got all the top things to and see in New York as well as some popular places to eat so you can really experience the New Yorker lifestyle. So book that cheap flight deal to New York you’ve had your eye on and get ready for an unforgettable holiday in New York City.

Top of the Rock

You were probably expecting Empire State Building to be at the top of the list of what to visit in New York; however, Top of the Rock is up there. It is an observation deck similar to Empire State Building however with an incredible view. You get the perfect view of the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and Central Park all in one place. There are 3 different floors, two of which are surrounded with glass making it perfect for you photographers. In August time, it was a lot less crowded than Empire State Building so you could really enjoy the view rather than worrying about bruised shoulders as everyone fought to get to the front.

Empire State Building

Probably one of the most popular attractions for every first timer in New York is Empire State Building. It is a 102-story skyscraper that offers a superb view of the city above! I recommend taking a visit here either early in the morning for it to be less busy, however for a night-time view it is 100% worth the lines because it is simply breath-taking. When visiting NYC for the first time, you should definitely visit the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock – you’ll quickly realise how amazing the city is on the ground and from above!

Times Square

Another famous area in New York is Times Square and probably one of the best places to visit in New York. Throughout the day and night, there is not one second that Times Square doesn’t maintain the busy and hectic atmosphere. It is the shopping central with shops lining the outskirts and tourists and locals fill the whole square. Be aware of people dressed up wanting to take photos with you, as soon as the photo is taken they’ll want some of your precious $$$$ so if you’re not looking at paying them, I’d recommend avoiding them.

Pizza, pizza pizza!

Calling all pizza fans, you absolutely must try the pizza in New York! Every New Yorker loves the pizza, and we know you will to. On your first trip to New York City, we are sure that your slice of pizza will be so good you’ll be craving it months after your holiday. My favourite pizza place has to be Pizza Suprema that can be found in Madison Square Garden; a slice a day keeps the cravings away!

I could easily list many more things you must see and do in New York, and I know you’ll love the vibrant city so much that you’ll definitely want to take a trip back. For even more things to do on your first trip to New York, click here. The city changes throughout the seasons and with events going on throughout the year, you’ll definitely want to take a few trips back to the Big Apple.