We’ve all had that moment where we sit down on our plane seat and get ready for the next 8 long hours until we reach our destination, and realise that we’ve forgotten one of our travel essentials for long haul flights. If you haven’t been there, we’re very jealous! Remembering everything to pack for the trip and the flight can be so difficult, so we’ve got all the carry on essentials for your next long haul flight.

Pack extra clothing

When at the airport, you do see some interesting choices of footwear, from stilettos to very tight trainers… both don’t look very comfortable and you really don’t want to sit on a plane with your feet in agony. Wear slip on shoes and bring wool socks; the shoes are easy and quick to get off for security, and the wool socks will definitely keep your feet warm on a cold plane and wool doesn’t smell or get soggy like cotton will so bear that in mind – no-one wants to smell your feet throughout a long flight.

We also recommend bringing a hoodie or jacket to keep you warm on a plane as it does get cold, and you can always take it off if you get too hot. If you bring extra layers, the choice is there and shivering on a plane for 8 hours will not be a fun way to start your trip.

Some airlines provide these; however you can also bring your own eye masks and ear plugs to make sleeping 10x easier. It is one of our travel essentials for long haul flights and it definitely should be for you too.

Feel beautiful

Ladies and gentlemen, no-one likes getting off that plane with dry skin and spots waiting around the corner to come out. Of course, wearing make-up on a flight is a no go – everyone will be looking at their screens or eyelids to worry about what you look like so don’t worry, you can always put some on when you land!

My long haul flight beauty essentials include lip balm to keep your lips soft because no-one likes dry lips, the same goes for a good moisturiser. There is no harm in moisturising half way through your flight just to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

If you’re flying overnight, a travel essential for a long haul flight is a toothbrush and travel size toothpaste so you can brush those teeth and go to sleep with a clean mouth. You’ll feel a lot fresher when you wake up!

Stop the rumbling tummy

Of course bring some snacks after you’ve gone through airport security. Sometimes the plane food isn’t the greatest so be sure to bring some goodies to keep you full throughout the flight. Fruit is always good, it keeps you hydrated throughout however you can always bring a bit of chocolate. You are sitting through a long flight so one of the travel essentials can be chocolate, you deserve a treat.


It goes with any flight; an absolute long haul travel essential is to bring your own entertainment! By bringing your own entertainment whether that be music or a collection of your favourite films on your iPad, you’ll always have plenty of things to do – especially if you don’t like the films onboard.

Finally, a carry on essentials for overseas flights is a pen. Sounds simple, but you will need one! You will need to fill out customs form while in the air so you can easily fill these out. Plus if you have a random creative moment, you can become an artist in the air. Anything to pass the time!

These are our selection of carry on essentials for long haul flights and if you remember to pack these, your long-haul flight won’t be so dreaded anymore. What are some of your travel essentials?