Still in need of an excuse to book flights to Sydney? The pubs. Imagine your best experience in a pub, the home-made cut chips, a good draft beer and a delicious juicy steak… now imagine eating that but in Sydney, Australia. There are some amazing pubs in Sydney that offer some delicious food that is definitely worth the visit; here are the best pubs in Sydney you should definitely check out – you can never go wrong with a good beer!

The Union Hotel

Get ready for a British pub with an Australian twist. The Union Hotel offers good pub food in Sydney and has become one of the most popular pubs in the area and is constantly improving. There is an impressive array of drinks available too, so you can try Australian beer – be careful, after your first sip you’ll be hooked on the stuff. The food is delicious too; they also serve a delicious kangaroo meal or you could opt for the famous “gringo bowl” which is rice, black beans, tomato, salsa, avocado and sour cream with tortilla chips – the perfect meal to snack on while enjoying a pint. Take a look at the photos here.

Royal Albert Hotel

Royal Albert Hotel has an old-school and rock ‘n’ roll vibe that attracts both locals and tourists to this popular pub in Sydney. They serve amazing Asian-style snacks that’ll be sure to have you wanting more; we also recommend trying the cheese Kranskies, you’ll definitely want to buy so many to bring back with you! The best thing about the pub at The Royal Albert Hotel is that you never know what delicious craft beer will be on offer. They have a whole collection of the delicious brews in the fridge; you simply won’t know where to start.

Harts Pub

Harts Pub is an award-winning pub in Sydney that serves some of the most classic pub food. For you Brits who love to have a good pint, it’ll be the closest thing you’ll get to the classic British pub but with an Australian twist. Meet some locals and try some of the good pub food in this Sydney pub that might just convert you into an Australian pub fan. It boasts a great atmosphere for people to gather together and make the most of the company while sipping on a refreshing cider. Check it out here.

Bavarian Bier Cafe Manly Wharf

If you’re a big fan of beer, you’ll definitely be coming to the right place. Bavarian Bier Cafe at Manly Warf boasts some of the most desirable locations which overlook Manly Cove – with outdoor seating you won’t be able to beat drinking a pint at this pub in Sydney. With a vast variety of different beers to try and delicious food (with big portions) it is the ultimate hang out place in the evening for anyone and everyone to admire the beauty of Sydney.

These are just a few of the best pubs in Sydney, but trust us when we say that there are plenty more to discover. Whether you’re looking for the best pub steak, fresh and tasty new beer or just somewhere to relax and spend your evening “down-under” there is just simply a pub for everyone.