Bangkok is a beautiful city full of culture with plenty to explore and experience. Around the city are a variety of fantastic markets, ranging from floating markets to night markets. To help you discover the tradition, we’ve short-listed the best markets in Bangkok. Even if you’re on a budget, with plenty of cheap flights to Bangkok, you’ll still be able to splash the cash without worrying about any expenses.

Chatuckak Market

One of the best markets in Bangkok is the Chatuchak Market. It is the ultimate experience and an absolute must when in Bangkok! The world-famous market is a massive jumble of stalls and stores for extreme shopaholics. Everything and anything is available here, there are so many stalls to look at, that you could spend hours walking around exploring what there is to buy. The area is divided into 27 sections where you can find handicrafts, local souvenirs from every part of Thailand, garden plants, fashions, paintings of local painters, fluffy dogs… that’s only to list a few. When we say it’s big, we mean it’s a hugeone of the biggest markets so take note of the stall number location if you want to come back to shop.

Bangkok Floating Markets

Something very unique we recommend is visiting a Bangkok floating market. It is essentially a food market floating on water, and it is beautiful. You can find boats that are piled high with tropical fruit, vegetables, and local food cooked from floating kitchens! One of the most popular is Amphawa Floating Market. The houses line the canals which are doubled up as shops and restaurant windows. This is a fantastic spin on a tradition in Bangkok and is definitely a must when exploring the fantastic city.

Night Markets in Bangkok

Another great spin on the original market is a night market in Bangkok. These types of markets are a brand new idea and were introduced at the beginning of 2015. A fantastic market is the Liab Duan Night Market; it makes no allusions to hipness and is the most down-to-earth and low-key market in the area. It is also open in the day however at night; it looks even more exciting with lights lightening up all the products on sell.

If you’re looking to treat your taste buds, Wang Lang Market is a definite visit. The street is jammed pack with tantalizing pre-cooked snacks if you’re on the go as well as a small selection of sit down restaurants. Although it is well-known for its range of fantastic foods, but is also very popular for shopping or other small locally made gadgets. The prices are surprisingly very cheap, and who knows what unique souvenir you might pick up along the way.

With many markets in Bangkok selling delicious Thai food as well as unique way of browsing and buying items, it’s not hard to see why this beautiful city attracts so many visitors. No matter what your budget is, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.