Have you and your family been planning a long haul holiday and not too sure where to go? Well, it is our job to ensure to tell you the best long haul destinations for you and your family to go to! Here are our favourite locations:


Barbados, the Caribbean paradise! The island consists of such beautiful beaches and you will feel very welcomed due to the friendly environment. Children are able to participate in Kid clubs that provide activities and games such as like sports to keep them entertained at certain hotels. For the adults, Golf, superb restaurants and some of the best spas that you’ll ever use are offered and I would highly recommend a day of relaxation in the spas! Outside of resorts and beaches, there is a whole Barbados world to be discovered. Take a trip to Oistins or St Lawrence Gap where you will be able to eat your heart away.


Dubai is one of the most luxurious long-haul destinations worldwide! From the towering skyscrapers to the sandy deserts that it is surrounded by, there are many attractions that you and your family must witness for yourself. You’ll struggle to choose which hotel to stay as they are all fascinating. Don’t worry about the weather, the destination has plenty of water parks to keep you and the kids entertained. There are countless shopping malls including the Dubai Mall with many branded stores for you to choose from! Check out cheap Dubai flights here.


Orlando is the home a long haul family destinations. There are so many activities that you and your family can participate that you’ll never ruin out of things to do! There are attractions such as Universal Studios and Disney World (Which is perfect for a family outing) and plenty of hotels to stay! Zip Lining, Golf, Airboats and hundreds of Lake to fish, that’ll keep you busy to make sure you do it all. Orlando is filled with all different kinds of wildlife and that’ll be some experience for your family and yourself. Tours on an airboat into Swamps and aquariums are offered or why don’t you adventure out and try and find wildlife yourself; think about capturing those photos and showing the rest of your family and friends! No matter whether you’re a theme park lover or not, Orlando really is one for everyone. Find flights here.

Sri Lanka

Another top family holiday destination would be Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a beautiful island for a family to have a relaxing holiday to unwind. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches that you may ever see and just plenty of places on the island, to explore. The stunning architecture and cultural temple will be something that you could never forget!

We could go on all day about all of these locations and how perfect they are for a long-haul family holiday. If you were wondering on tips for booking a cheap flight then you can always visit our website for more information!