When you’re in Los Angeles, you will be surrounded by some of the most iconic nightlife in the world and boasts a vast variety of places to go. With so many places to go, if you try and go round all the bars in Los Angeles we imagine you’ll end up pretty drunk at the end and waking up with a hangover probably isn’t on your agenda when you book your cheap flight deal to Los Angeles. We’ve searched for you and got our opinion on where to go for the best bars in LA and popular bars in Hollywood.

The Woods

This is one of the most popular bars in Hollywood and in Los Angeles because it makes a superb neighbourhood bars. Located on the ground floor of a strip mall on La Brea is the beautiful bar The Woods that is a superb combination of brilliant crowds, cheap drinks and fun music. The interior is beautifully designed and just big enough to choose from enjoying your drink while sat down or partying your night away in Hollywood.


The bright coloured and modern in furnishing Norah is another one of our favourite bars in Hollywood for enjoying a cocktail (or two). The bar is fresh and the atmosphere is unreal, it’s something you must experience yourself for you to understand. Enjoy being on the outskirts of Hollywood while sipping from delicious cocktails and the chef also prepares some dishes that we know your taste-buds will love. Find more information here.

Sassafras Saloon

One of the most unique bars in Los Angeles is Sassafras Saloon, which is like a cowboy saloon as well as one of the best bars in Los Angeles. You can find some incredibly cheap and delicious drinks here and with the bustling atmosphere, you’ll really get to see what the Hollywood nightlife is like. The cocktail list is exactly why this is one of the most popular bars in Hollywood as well as live music nearly every night of the week. Click here for more information.

Mama Shelter

One of our favourite has to be Mama Shelter. It was already a fantastic hotel and restaurant with a brilliant bar in Los Angeles, but now they’ve opened up the rooftop bar it has taken it to the next level. The brightly coloured furnishing alongside the scenic view of Los Angeles is the perfect place to try a few cocktails and enjoy the music and atmosphere. You’ll want to stay there for the rest of your holiday; it really is one of the best bars in Los Angeles.

The Pikey

Welcome to The Pikey, where Britain meets USA. This Los Angeles bar serves some spectacular whiskey making it the perfect pub to enjoy some pub grub and alcohol. They serve a variety of whiskeys making it every whiskey lovers heaven, but don’t worry if you’re not so keen as they also serve plenty of wine and other alcoholic beverages that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

These are only a few of our favourite bars in Los Angeles and with so many more to discover we know that you’ll have a great time making the most of the Los Angeles nightlife. Just be careful how much you drink, you don’t want to start seeing double by 10pm.