Some people absolutely dread stopover flights or a delayed flight because there is nothing worse than sitting in an airport just waiting. Wait until you hear about the best international airports! There are airports worldwide that have so much more than what you would expect including artwork, yoga classes and grab a beer from a brewery. Check out the best airports in the world that we know you won’t mind spending a little more time in; it might be the only time you hope for a flight delay.

Singapore – Changi International Airport

As far as great airports go you’d probably expect a regular busy airport with a few things to do. No. Singapore has really outdone everyone. Prepare to have your mind blown but remember this is an AIRPORT. Inside you can discover a rooftop bar, butterfly garden, FREE cinema, a waterfall and a giant slide. But this isn’t it, there are snooze lounges, places to feed fish and a butterfly garden. Terminal 3 has been voted has one of the best in the world for years and we don’t need to wonder why. The airport sounds like a day out itself so we can only imagine how sad you’d be if you were only around for 10 minutes.

Switzerland – Zurich Airport

The best airport in the world to get bargains at duty-free is Zurich Airport. It is the only airport in the world where you can see the pilots working away in the cockpit on a special observation deck.  There are also places to hire sports equipment so you can explore outside the airport. On top of this, there are also 2 large shopping centres with plenty of shops, over 60 restaurants and cafes to splash some cash and that’s even before you’ve left the airport.

Amsterdam – Schipol Airport

Although this airport only has one terminal, it is an ultra-modern experience at this great airport. There are delicious restaurants, a museum to discover, XpresSpa and a Casino! You’ll think that you’re in the tourist hotspot of Amsterdam but this is one of the best international airports that is very small but has a lot to offer.

Atlanta International Airport – Atlanta

The busiest airport in the world of 2016 has been crowned to Atlanta International Airport which is an ultra-modern and sleek looking airport which is used by many travellers as a stopover on a journey and it is a pleasant airport to do so.

Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong

We want to crown Hong Kong as the world’s best airport despite not being the busiest airport in the world with 65 million people travelling here. This award-winning airport has over 300 shops to visit with plenty of options dine including takeaway and fine dining. There’s also an IMAX Theatre and a golf simulator! You could pass your long stopover or delay with a game of golf which doesn’t half bad, right?

Let airports no longer be the most boring place in the world as these are some of the most exciting airports to visit. Exploring them is a day out itself, would you be hoping for a time delay here?