Cape Town is full of adventure. Anyone who wants to have an exciting holiday with lots wildlife activities planned should definitely get flights to Cape Town immediately. There are many activities and things to do where you can get so close to the wildlife that you’ll feel the adrenaline pumping round your body – the feeling is unmatchable.

Shark Cage Diving

Fancy getting dangerously close to one of the ocean’s most deadly habitants? So many people come to Cape Town just to go Shark Cage Diving and we can’t blame them. It’ll be sure to get your heart racing but will also be an unforgettable experience. You’ll be lowered down into the sea where you’ll be the centre of attention of the shark. Swimming around you while you’re trapped in a cage sounds terrifying, but once you’ve done it we know you’ll want to go Shark Cage diving in Cape Town again.

Whale Sharks Mafia Island

Another incredible activity is this fantastic trip created by the animal ocean. You’ll spend 4 full days whale shark diving where you can get up close to the fascinating creatures and then go on to snorkel around the reefs. Be sure to bring an underwater camera because the whale sharks are certainly photogenic and you’ll want to cherish this memory forever. Find the tour here.

Fairy Glen

Instead of seeing the Cape Town wildlife, why not live with it? There is a wonderful safari that offers budget-friendly accommodation and tours. You’ll be able to hear the lions roar early in the morning before heading to breakfast. They offer so many different safaris from 4×4 drive to horseback safari. No matter what tour you choose, you’ll definitely have a memorable experience being up close to the wildlife in Cape Town.

Quad Biking

No matter where you are, quad biking is always a fun activity to take part in. Quad biking on the dunes is a fantastic Cape Town adventure and you never know what animals you might see while you’re out exploring. Cape Town Safaris offer a brilliant quad bike safari and find rhinos, zebras, and even giraffe. Click here for more information. It’s an amazing way of making your Cape Town safari that little more exciting.

Diving with Seals

You’ve heard of swimming with dolphins and now shark cage diving, so why not go diving with seals? There’s another Cape Town adventure to add to your itinerary. You’ll be taken out on a boat to the the main place near Cape Town where the fur seals are most active and you’ll be guided into the ocean with trained marine guides offering tips, advice, and facts about the fascinating creatures. You can snorkel with them too! It is a great activity for learning more about the mammals while having an exciting adventure. Click here for more information.

These are only a few adventure activities in Cape Town and there are so much more that you simply won’t have enough time on your trip. The destination is quickly becoming even more popular and we are not surprised as to why; there is simply so much to discover and we know whatever age you may be, you will have the time of your life in Cape Town.