Everyone loves to shop, and we’ve already spoken about our list of the best markets in Bangkok that you should definitely take a trip to. But what are the best night markets in Bangkok? Just because the sun has gone down, doesn’t mean you need to stop treating yourself. Just be prepared to book your flight to Bangkok because these markets are simply stunning!

Rot Fai Market, Srinakarin

From above or at a distance, the Rot Fai Market is a vibrant, glowing colourful night market in Bangkok that you can expect to find many different things here. It is well known for being large in size and having many retro memorabilia for sale. You can expect to find a variety of stands selling all sorts of different things but is split into three: fashion and clothes, rare collectibles from all over the world and delicious locally made snacks.

JJ Green

JJ Green is one of the best night markets in Bangkok – it doubles up as a vintage flea market and a local drinking hangout.  Whether you wish to shop or enjoy the company of the locals, JJ Green is the place to be when the sun goes down. It is a very laid back market which proves popular with those looking to shop at ease rather than a bigger market similar to Rot Fai Market.

Wang Lang Market

Wang Lang Market is by far the best night market in Bangkok to try some of the most delicious local delicacies. We recommend having a quick wander around first and then making your plan of action of eating your way out. There are sweets, small snacks and many more courses for you to try. Ask the locals what they recommend trying and head for that stand to really indulge in some traditional foods. Click here for more information.


Rot Fai Market in Bangkok

Rot Fai Market

Chatuchak Friday Night Market

If you’re on holiday with the family, Chatuchak Friday Night Market is a brilliant night market in Bangkok for you. The wide avenues mean it’s not so busy and that if you wish to bring a pushchair you are in comfortable space to do so. There are breezes from the nearby river, plenty of regional cuisine and clean bathrooms which help for those pesky nappy changes.

Khaosan Shopping

When backpackers go travelling the night market they most likely visit is Khaosan Shopping because it is bursting with vibrant colours, tacky and useful things that you never knew you needed in your life. There are also some banks, cafes, and monetary exchanges nearby too so this really is the best place to be with all your necessities within walking distance. There are so many tips for travellers to Bangkok; one including you must visit this night market!

Rot Boran Market

Rot Boran Market is one of many unique night markets and has so much to discover with endless straight boulevards lined with second-hand goodies. What makes this market so unique is that the stalls are classic cars that have been transformed into stands with lots of vintage items being sold. It’s similar to a car boot sale but with a unique twist – we know you’ll love it!

Bangkok really isn’t short of night markets, and there are so much more that we could exclaim about. Each market has something unique about it, be sure to bring some spare cash because we 99% sure there will be something that you will want to indulge in.