Greece is a breathtaking country and an amazing place to go with your other half. From the historical landmarks to the stunning natural landscapes, it will be a holiday full of beautiful architecture, exploring and spending time with your loved one on a romantic island!


Take a trip to Corfu and spend your days exploring the mind-blowing architecture and nature without forgetting the pristine beaches! It is a great destination to spend some time away as a couple. In fact, many don’t know that this is a top choice for newlyweds…with tasty cuisine, beautiful beaches and picture-perfect villages, it will be a holiday the both of you will never forget!

a holiday in symiSymi

This tiny little island, part of the Dodecanese island group, is blessed with natural beauty and tranquillity. You’ll be mesmerised by the harbour and out-of-this-world villas. With a relaxed vibe and many things to explore, like the Panormitis Monastery or the Kali Sarta! Enjoy a relaxing getaway as a couple in the main town of Chora.


Jet off to Milos and enjoy unique beaches, rock formations, isolated covers and crystal-clear waters. It is one of the top Greek islands for couples. Treat your loved one to a boat trip to Kleftiko, spend an afternoon at the splendid Sarakiniko beach or go explore the small villages. On top of all this you must not miss the Tsigrado beach: it will be the highlight of your trip and once you lay your eyes upon it you will see why! Located away from tourist tracks, this beach is well worth the adventure to find it.


Santorini had to make it onto the best Greek holiday for couples…the stunning sunsets, breath-taking clifftops, tasty cuisine and exquisite wineries are just some of the reasons. Go for a late night stroll to watch the sunset in Oia from the restaurants terrace, looking upon the whitewashed architecture, then wander down to the Red Beach for a late night swim!


Located close to Athens, Hydra is high on the list of Greek holiday destinations for couples. Built in the hills, its stone houses and small streets are simply enchanting. Due to the fact vehicles are not allowed on the island, couples can enjoy a relaxing walk through the streets, before finding the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

kythira in GreeceKythira

A destination that many miss, Kythira holds beautiful nature, scenic landscapes and a calm relaxed vibe. Enjoy a romantic walk through the small streets or take the advantage to explore inland and hike around the island feeling fresh and content.

So what are you and your partner waiting for? Book your holiday to one of these romantic islands and treat yourself to a break from the real world. Check out our Twitter Page for more help on destinations worth travelling to with your loved one!