What’s one thing in this century that most people can’t go anywhere without having? Their mobile phone. If you’re out travelling you’re most likely going to be taking a mobile phone with you to keep in contact with family and friends back home, but you can use the device for many more advantages. There are hundreds of great apps for travelling Europe including maps, to recommendations of where to eat, all in one hand-held device. We’ve got some essential apps for frequent flyers that will come in handy when travelling in Europe.

Trip It

One of the best apps for travelling Europe (or anywhere) has to be Trip It.  It is an easy way of uploading all of your travel plans including flights, terminals, hotels, car rental timings and anything else you can think of. Instead of bringing around lots of paperwork you can load all onto this great FREE travel app that lets you sync all this data to your calendar as well as share your itineraries on social media – that’ll make your friends jealous!


GuidePal is a great Europe travel app and we know you’ll certainly see why. It is an app that holds many different travel guides from all over the world that have been written by locals and other keen travellers. You can find recommendations of things to do and see so you won’t miss any of the hidden secrets. You can even write your own travel guides too! Just follow a few popular accounts and search the destination, open the guide and you’re good to go (it even works offline). Check it out here.

Spotted by Locals

On this Europe app, you can find guides and recommendations for 56 European cities. A lot of the recommendations that will be mentioned on this app you won’t find in guidebooks so this is the best place to look if you want to really experience that European city like a local. Click here for more information.

City Maps 2 Go

It is often said that you should get lost in a city and admire it’s beauty, on the one hand, it’s true it is always nice to end up in an area you might not have seen if you knew where you were all the time. However, if you need to get to a certain area or want to know where you are, City Maps 2 Go is a brilliant European travel app. All the maps are free, downloadable and offline so you don’t have to worry if your signal is slowly dropping. Find more out here.


If you’re looking to make your stomach rumble and find some of the most delicious places to eat on one of the best Europe travel apps, Footspotting needs to be downloaded ASAP and it’s a wonderful FREE app. You can scroll through photos of food and learn from friends, experts and other fellow travellers where the best spots to eat are in the area. Check out Foodspotting here.

Making the most of having your device by downloading some travelling Europe apps will make your trip a lot easier. As tempting as it might be to be glued to your phone, remember that when you don’t need to open up one of these great apps to put the phone away admire the beauty Europe holds.