Air travel with kids; it either goes really well or very badly. Having a child kick your chair throughout your flight can make the time drag even more, especially when you’re trying to get some sleep on a night flight. We’ve got some top tips to help you cope with other people’s children on a flight and keep you sane. Yes, it is possible.

Offer to help

Travelling with a toddler can be incredibly difficult and you know their parent will have as much of a restless flight as you will if you don’t do something. Offering to help is a great way of passing the time, even if it is telling the child a story while the mum/dad has a sleep. Chances are they might say thank you and decline your offer, but you will definitely change your mindset towards the crying child and feel sympathy plus you’ll fall asleep feeling good about yourself.


We know that if you’re trying to fall asleep on a flight and a child is crying it can be very frustrating. However, a child cries because it is upset and not having a good time so it’s important to understand that they are young and possibly frightened.

If you don’t have kids and hate children, just remember that you and everyone else were once a child and these things can’t be helped easily. As long as you show understanding to the parent, they won’t panic and be stressed as much and the flight will go much quicker than sitting there huffing about how noisy the child is being.

Get comfortable

Air travel with kids can make you agitated and if a child is constantly talking loudly or crying, remember to get comfortable and try to ignore it which is a lot easier said than done. Make use of the eye masks and ear cancellation earphones and get comfortable because if you allow yourself to be agitated and annoyed, they flight will only go by slower.

Ask to move

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a child kicking the back of your chair for the next 8 hours you could go about it two ways. Ask the child nicely to stop, chances are they won’t stop. Or you could quietly ask a flight attendant if there are any other available seats which you can move to for the majority of the flight.

Bring Cards

Travel with kids can really vary, and if they’re a little older you could play cards with them to keep them entertained. They are going to be the person you are sat next to for the next 8 hours so you might as well pass the time together, right? I’m not talking play blackjack (you can), but a simple game of snap will keep a young or older child entertained while the parent can take some time to themselves.

What are the best things to do when you have a child playing up? Be understanding! The most important thing to remember that children can’t cry forever and they are crying because they’re upset. If you remember this, you will feel a lot better throughout the flight.