7 Essential Tips for Vegetarians when Travelling

If you’re a vegetarian, you’re probably very mindful of where to go travelling because nobody likes going hungry when there isn’t anything appetising around. There are few of the best destinations for vegetarians and vegans, however, TravelUp provided some top vegetarian travel tips so if you’re travelling to these destinations or not you’ll always have […]


One day in Bangkok? What you shouldn’t miss

Whether you’ve got a direct flight to Bangkok or a very long layover in the sprawling and incredible city, you’re probably wondering what to see in Bangkok in one day. One day will definitely give you a teaser of what the city has to offer, and without a doubt you’ll want to go back for […]

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Best places to shop in Tokyo for almost everything!

The quirky city of Tokyo is home to many different shopping districts and unique outlets for you to splash the cash in. Whether you want to pick up some fashionable treasures or bag yourself a souvenir, TravelUp have provided the best places to shop in Tokyo. Of course, the best way to start your shopping […]

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7 Insider Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

We are all, deep down, bargain hunters. Nobody likes paying an extortionate amount for a flight, especially when you know that it was probably cheaper at some point. Along with our insider tips for finding affordable flights you can book your cheap flight here and be sure that you got the best price for your […]


Top 6 Busiest Airports in the World for International Traffic

Travelling for business or leisure, you are bound to run into an extremely busy airport at some point in your life and you can either hate it or love it – we’ll leave that up to you. TravelUp have provided the top busiest airports in the world for international traffic and answer why they are […]


Top 5 things to do in Toronto that locals also love!

Toronto is Canada’s most populous city, and is found in the eastern province of Ontario. Crammed full of attractions both new and old, Toronto is a must see if you’re visiting Canada, with its rich heritage, natural beauty and modern entertainment, there’s definitely something for everyone! You’ll be certain to enjoy the city of Toronto. […]


Toronto – The Upcoming Food Scene!

Philadelphia is famous for the Philly Cheesesteak, Chicago is famous for the deep dish pizza and Vancouver is famous for the Japadog. Toronto is not famous for a specific dish, because their thriving food scene is so varied that you can find famous international cuisine in just one city. The city in Ontario is quickly […]

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4 of the Best Foreign Language Apps for Travel

We can offer you affordable flights, hundreds of hotels, car hire, travel insurance etc. but one thing we can’t help you with over on our twitter page is translation. Google translate isn’t 100% accurate, actually not even 80% accurate majority of the time so purchasing a translation book might be your next thought. What about […]

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8 Common Mistakes you should avoid when booking a flight

Ever rushed through a flight booking, clicked send and suddenly realised you had made a mistake? Nobody likes those heart-dropping moments. Or maybe, you’re just curious as to what the most common mistakes are that people make when they book their flight. TravelUp have provided the top common mistakes that you should avoid… get ready […]


How to pick the best airlines for your route

When booking your next route, majority of the time you will consider which airline to fly with and a lot of factors can affect this decision. If your chosen route is London to New York for business, you will want an airline that is punctual and reliable for leaving and arriving on time. Or in-flight […]