How to stick to a holiday budget on holiday

The first step to anyone enjoying a budget holiday is by setting yourself a limit on how much you want to spend on the holiday and how much money you want to splash whilst in the destination. So you’ve started by booking your flights, next thing is to actually get out there and start enjoying […]

Adventure holiday

5 Destinations for Adrenaline Rush Adventure Holidays

Some people travel for relaxation, but not you. You’re on this blog to find out where you can get your heart racing and go on a true adventure around the world. There are so many top adventure destinations to discover, so TravelUp have recommended the top destinations that will be sure to get the adrenaline […]


Flying with pets – Here is all you need to know!

Dogs, cats, whatever pet you may have, leaving them to go on holiday is always a sad moment. The look in their eyes as you drop them off at the kennels, or leave them with a family member to look after is heartbreaking. So why not just bring them with you? You’re probably thinking “can […]

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6 of the Best Places in Europe to Watch a Stunning Sunset!

Whilst on holiday or travelling, you should always make time to find the perfect spot to watch the sunset, especially in Europe. Whilst there are many incredible sunsets in the world, if you’re not looking to travel far there are also some great European sunsets that you shouldn’t miss. TravelUp have recommended the top destinations […]

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Some of the weirdest souvenirs you wouldn’t want to receive!

Magnets, Keyrings… have you ever received a souvenir from someone that you didn’t particularly like? Well consider yourself lucky as you could be receiving one of these weird souvenirs! Stuffed Cane Toad Sounds disgusting right?! Well in Australia, toads are their common pest animals and the locals’ favourite way to get rid of them is […]


New to the world of travelling? Here are our tips for New Travellers!

If you’re new to the world of travelling, you’re probably looking for some tips to get started so you can get going and follow the travel etiquette rules. As well as tried and tested travel tips, here are some things you should know for your first travel adventure. Try new things As a first time […]


8 Essential Things Every Woman Should Pack When Travelling

Ladies, knowing what to pack and what essentials you’ll need to pack for your next trip can be incredibly difficult. Whether you’re indulging in a girl’s weekend away, taking a romantic retreat with the other half or travelling for business, holiday packing is a pain. Not only can you get the flights with TravelUp, but […]


The UK Flight Ban on Electronic Devices – All You Need to Know!

This article has recently been updated on 26/04/2017. Recently the UK announced a flight ban on electronic devices and with many news articles floating around; this can be very confusing as to what electronic devices you can carry on board. TravelUp has got all the information you need including what flights from the UK it […]