Ways of collecting air miles and travel for free!

For frequent flyers, air miles and airline loyalty schemes are the perfect way of saving money, getting that upgrade you dreamed of or getting access to the airline lobby. When you redeem air miles smartly, you can save yourself bucket loads of money which are great when it is time to book your next flight. […]


Tried and tested tips for flying alone with young kids!

When thinking of flying with kids solo, you’ll either hate it or love it and sometimes it can be dreaded for a long time. Book your flight in advance and get ready to prepare, because we’ve got some tried and tested tips to help make flying with kids 10x easier. From preparation to travelling light […]

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What to Do in Singapore on a Short Stopover

Located in South East Asia, Singapore is an exciting and vibrant destination, bursting with a mixture of historical buildings, modern skyscrapers and green space. Also, recognised as a global financial hub, the city-state of Singapore is densely populated and is known as one of the main stopover locations for long-haul flights. Travelling via Singapore and […]


Top 7 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas At Least Once in Your Life!

A trip to Las Vegas should be on everyone’s bucket-lists. The nightlife is wild, but if you’re not looking for a gambling/partying holiday, Vegas has so much more to offer including delicious food, exciting landmarks, and much more. If you’re searching for your next holiday destination, we’re about to convert you into a lover of […]

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5 Family Friendly Beaches in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the perfect place to enjoy endless summer all year round, and of course, there is a fair share of family friendly beaches in Los Angeles so the kids can enjoy the American sunshine too. Just looking at the images will make you want to book flights to Los Angeles! Don’t worry about […]


Spend Thanksgiving in New York, everything you need to know!

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time for celebrations in America, and whilst not celebrated as much in the UK there’s no reason as to why you can’t join in with the celebrations. Thanksgiving in New York is a magical time, and we don’t blame you if you want to book your flights to New York […]

5 Temples in Bangkok you should visit

When booking your flights to Bangkok, you should definitely start thinking about which temples to visit in Bangkok. With the popular city being famous for many things, the temples and culture is the predominant element for the city. Being the Capital of Thailand you can expect to find quite the variety of temples to visit […]

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Essentials to wear on an overnight flight

Trying to decide what to wear on an overnight flight can be difficult. Of course, trying to be comfortable as possible so you can shut your eyes and doze off is very important to many people but at the same time you want the best airplane travel outfit for maximum comfort. As the cabin lights […]

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Best Restaurants at Heathrow Terminal 5 for every budget!

There are so many flights from Heathrow to all over the world, and before any flight, it is always a great idea to indulge in a delicious meal. Plane food is always complained about, and with so many restaurants at Heathrow Terminal 5, you’re at the perfect terminal to eat whatever you fancy no matter […]