When is it best to book your last minute flight?

Today, tomorrow or yesterday? We’ve all been there…. booked a week off and absolutely desperate to get away from home, yet we just can’t find last-minute airline tickets for a great price. Don’t panic, we’ve got everything you need to know for when the best time is to book your last minute flight. There are […]


Best travel destinations for football enthusiasts

If you’re a lover of football, pack your suitcases because we have got some of the best places to travel to experience the football legacy. If you just can’t bring yourself to move away to go on a normal holiday, grab a few mates and make it a football trip. Here are some of the […]


7 Sunsets in the world that will take your breath away

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Ipanema Beach

Unmissable beaches in Rio de Janeiro!

The home of the 2016 Olympics, colourful carnivals and the world-famous Christ the Redeemer Statue; welcome to Rio de Janeiro. What else is Rio loved for? The beautiful untouched beaches! The city has a variety of flawless beaches that will leave you breathless, and just looking at the photos will convince you to fly to […]


Dining with a view in Melbourne – A Breathtaking Experience

Dining in Melbourne is a difficult choice with so many delicious, inexpensive and beautiful places to eat; however, there are plenty of restaurants with a view in Melbourne that you just can’t miss out on. You could be dining on some delicious food down under while watching the landscape light up with the city coming […]

Winter sun destinations that you won’t think twice of going

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Greatest Travel Inventions of all time!

We’re always trying to make our lives easier, whether that is apps on our phones to help store our itinerary or discount codes to get cheaper flights and save money… but there are also some outstanding travel inventions out there that will make your experience a lot easier. With so many good (and bad) travel […]


8 things you probably didn’t know about flying

Flying, what a crazy invention when you think about it, right? We’ve got some cool airplane facts that you probably didn’t know about flying. These fun facts might even convince you to buy more airline tickets. Food Tastes Different Have you ever bought a snack from duty-free and wondered why it tastes different in the […]


Top 6 Travel Apps every backpacker should have on their phones

We know as much as you do that when you’re backpacking you have very limited space so what you bring with you has to be the absolute necessities. One thing we know you’ll definitely pack is your mobile phone, so why not make the most of that? There are so many brilliant travel apps for […]