Salvador is an extremely underrated city, if you’ve never been before; you’re certainly in for a treat. It is quickly becoming a popular destination with tourists who are looking to explore Brazil away from Rio de Janeiro. We’ve got some reasons as to why you should definitely take a trip here so we’ve got flights to Salvador with TAP Portugal, so you can explore this amazing city for less.

Salvador used to be a place for African slaves to be imported to build a New World and has now been developed into a beautiful city with amazing culture. Despite its past, it is better known as the “Capital of Happiness” because of its outdoor parties which are amazing and it hosts the world’s largest carnival – that is something you will definitely want to check out.

The city in Brazil is well-known for having colourful houses that line the cobbled streets making it a visually beautiful city to explore that very few cities can match.  As well as being visually appealing, there is a perfect blend of cultures meaning you’ll definitely see a new side to Brazil if you have already visited the country before.

This spectacular city is known for its Afro-Brazilian culture which means the food is to die for! The smells fill the air and your tummy will definitely be rumbling throughout the day. Seafood is not scarce here so if you love seafood, this will be the perfect place to visit; just looking at the photos of the delicious food makes our tummy rumble.

If you’re a lover of art festivals, Salvador is the place to go. There are often many music festivals happening in the city throughout the day and night. It is likely you’ll also find Capoeira Circles and entertainment as the evening dawns with the smell of traditional African dishes filling the air.

Salvador is one of the only cities in the world that has kept its African Slaves heritage so well, from the music, food, dance and other traditions. It is exciting to explore and an amazing experience that you must experience!

One of the best ways of exploring Salvador and its culture is to explore the streets of Pelourinho. It is a quiet cobble stone street with, of course, colourful house and shops making it a very picturesque place to visit. We know as soon as you visit this area you’ll fall in love with Salvador and all the small cafes, restaurants and shops that can be found here.

If you’re looking to be by the coastline, Salvador also has a stunning coastline meaning you get to enjoy the best of both worlds with the exciting city and great beaches. You can find more pristine beaches at the north and south of Salvador so we definitely recommend exploring those, there are some great places to watch the sunset and it will be an amazing end to your day in Salvador.

Sounds amazing, right? To find out more about Salvador click here, although it will make you want to book flights to Salvador with TAP Portugal even more. With so much to see and explore, you’ll be experiencing Brazil in a brand new way in one of the most under-rated cities.