Today, tomorrow or yesterday? We’ve all been there…. booked a week off and absolutely desperate to get away from home, yet we just can’t find last-minute airline tickets for a great price. Don’t panic, we’ve got everything you need to know for when the best time is to book your last minute flight. There are some normal tips to book a cheap flight anytime in the year, but we’ll spill all our secrets of the best way to get last minute flights deals.

Sign up to airlines emails

Some airlines offer last minute sales in which you can get a last minute airline ticket for a reduced rate. The only difficulty though is that if you leave it too much last minute, for example, the week before, the flight could quickly sell out and then the flight seats will be much more expensive.

Don’t be fussy

An important tip is don’t be fussy where you want to go. Maybe a week before you are looking to go away, have a browse on an airlines website and see if they are advertising any reduced rates. The dates may be a bit awkward however a cheap last minute flight is better than no flight.

Watch out for fees

Whilst the last minute fare might seem cheap, be careful of fees as the big airline companies tend to release cheap airline tickets months in advance. When booking your flight be sure to check how much fees and baggage costs may be, just in case; this way you’re avoiding being disappointed when the total of your flight fare is much more expensive than predicted.

Don’t book last minute for once-in-a-lifetime

If you are really desperate to head to New York next week and hoping for last minute flight deals, be prepared for disappointment. These once-in-a-lifetime destinations will be more expensive closer to departure because you’re not the only one who dreams of travelling there. If you’re willing to take the risk then you can, however just be prepared that the flights might not necessarily be cheaper.

Go incognito

If you’ve been searching for last minute airline tickets all day, the airline company will most likely store your data and bump the price up each time to give you that incentive to book soon. If you go incognito, you can avoid them bumping up the prices so the airline tickets will be the generic price across the board.

Choose your days wisely

Don’t have your heart set on getting a last minute flight for half term or a weekend, because it won’t happen. These are the busiest times for flights and so naturally you shouldn’t expect the flight fares to be cheap. Choose off-pick and look at flights that are mid-week as business travellers and families won’t be travelling as much then so it will be a quieter period.


If you’re trying to decide where to buy last minute flights, Skyscanner offers a fantastic service where if the flight price drops or gets more expensive that you have been looking at, they will email you to let you know. This way you can easily see when the best time is to book your last minute fare if the price drops.

Whilst flight prices change daily, there is always a chance to get book a last minute flight and enjoy a spontaneous breakaway. Nobody can tell you when the best time to book your last minute flight is, just be sure to do your research and remember these tips and you will definitely find something you fancy.