Nobody likes paying extortionate amounts for a flight fare and deciding when to book your cheap flights can be difficult, especially if you’re on the look-out for a bargain. Flight prices change on a daily basis so knowing when the cheapest days to fly are, are difficult to judge however we’ve got some tips on when the best time is to book a cheap flight.

Social Media

A lot of the time, airlines and agents will put an offer on social media for cheap fares and they can be gone within hours. If you keep checking their pages you might come across sale which will be the best place to get discounted flights. Many airlines/agents put on seasonal sells so it is important to check around these times and get in there fast before your flight is gone. Below are some airlines and when they typically put on a sale:

Virgin Atlantic – January

Qantas – Year round apart from peak travel times (July/August & December/January)

British Airways – January and September

Monarch Airlines – Occasional flash sales year-round

Ryanair – Weekly sales

Easyjet – January but have other promotions throughout the year

First Release

If you’re really good at planning and know exactly where you want to go in about a year advance then you can always try and get the cheapest airline tickets possible when they are first released. Below are some popular airlines and when the seats are released for sale:

Virgin Atlantic – Seats released 11 months in advance

Qantas – Seats released 353 days in advance

British Airways – Seats released between 350 and 355 days in advance

Monarch Airlines – Seats released up to 14 months in advance

Ryanair – Seats released 8-12 month in advance

Easyjet – Seated released 6-9 months in advance


The complete opposite for the first release is to take last-minute trips. They often release super cheap offers on a Tuesday, so if you sign up you could be jetting off the same weekend (if work lets you have it off).

Don’t decide a destination

Another great way of getting the cheapest airline tickets possible is to not base your holiday choice on the destination but on flight tickets. There may be cheap tickets to go to New York that might be cheaper than Las Vegas, so you know which one you will go to right? The more flexible you are the better. Sometimes airlines struggle to book seats to a specific destination so always keep an eye out for a sale on but this is only useful if you don’t have your heart set on a destination.

Fly with two different airlines

If you’ve really got your heart set on some flights to a beautiful destination you’ve dreamed of and you can’t really be flexible another great way of buying one of the lowest flight fares is to fly indirectly. It will be a longer travel time however it could save you a lot of money.

There you have it, say goodbye to buying expensive flight fares and say hello to buying the lowest flight fares available and enjoying your holiday for less without having to worry. So book a cheap flight and get ready to fly away.